Set up a Pool, got delegators but not sure if everything is fine because no rewards

Hi everyone, I did successfully set up a Cardano Staking pool with two Relay Servers, but I am not sure if everything is fine, I have 6 delegators ( family and friends ) but don’t get any rewards.
Can anyone please review if my pool is set up properly for getting rewards ? Maybe I missed something.
Thank you all
my pool is called Pool MBP


I suggest start checking your pool with

Let us know what comes out

Thank you, but the address isn’t reachable

Oh sorry it’s

Thank you very much, there is something with my metadata wrong and the fee is unusually high… but anything else seems to be fine.
What time does it take to get the first reward

U will receive rewards when u will create blocks.


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With your current stake you have a 2% chance of finding a block every epoch.

Here is a very very simplistic way to estimate your chances:

Thank you all, I am really overwhelmed what great community and support is offered here. Cool and helpful tools.

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