Pool rewards

Hello, ive made my own pool, becouse i was thinking every pool will generate rewards, but I guess if i dont get enough stake i have no chance? I only have 2,5K from me and 3k from friends, which is nothing.
Does it mean im sponsoring ADA by running my pool and making TX? :smiley:

pretty much. I have a small pool with about 1.5 million delegated and usually create 1 block per epoch but sometimes i make 0 and sometimes I make 2… I would say you probably need about that amount to be somewhat consistent in getting rewards.


You need to find delegators for ur pool, it’s not easy but they will give u power to create blocks.

Alright, thanks. so it was a stupid idea :smiley:

Nope… you are helpping the decentralization… make your pool known; I still trying to find delegators for my pool since september 2020.

It’s not easy…