Slightly disappointed as of late

Hi all, I am a small stake pool operator and a delegator in my own pool. Between my pledge and my delegation I brought to the table from my own money 70% in a pool containing 750k ADA. The rest is owned by friends I convinced to join and they delegate without knowing much about crypto and blockchain yet. The reason I am slightly disappointed is because as of late (past 7 epochs) I haven’t minted any blocks at all…even though there’s a 0.7 chance I should mint a block every epoch and prior to this I minted a total of 5 blocks (about 1 or 2 a month). How can this be viable for people to delegate to my pool when they make no rewards at all for such a long period of time and if they would go elsewhere they would get a reward every epoch? I am in a particular happy situation because my friends and myself included are not interested into moving elsewhere but for a random Joe that’s hunting for rewards? things look different. Not everyone has time to be a public figure and upload videos on YouTube to create exposure. The small pool topic maybe has become a nuisance lately but I really don’t think that close to 1 million dollars at the current price of $ 1.22 ADA is such an insignificant value. I have poured all my savings and everything I can afford into Cardano because I believe in this project and I realize I’m not that cash poor myself…my life will not end if I won’t get rewards a few epochs…BUT…what about those that have a few hundreds/thousands and/or barely can scrape by? are their ADA not worth it just because they don’t have enough? I’m willing to go for the full year to see if the rewards actually average out but again…shouldn’t the small pools have a priority into minting their blocks first so that their percentages won’t look so grim and further push away people from them? These are honest questions and in no way angry or vindictive, just disappointed because I was expecting a little more in this department from a network that is focusing to give financial identity to those that have none. By ignoring the small stake pool operator and the small delegator we will only push them further away…and before we can think of adding many other small participants (Africa deals) I was expecting a more balanced system. Don’t get me wrong it is one of the best if not the best in its current state and for sure the best in the future…but honestly I’m constantly losing money by having a stake pool…I could have easily delegated only to a bigger pool and made regularly a few hundred ADA per epoch until now…I’m not salty about the money I didn’t make I am simply discouraged by the fact that this will be a repellent for many new investors…not everyone believes into the fundaments and ideals of Cardano before they get into it…and if we want mass adoption we need all the souls big and small. We all need time to learn and we are all in different stages of learning. I don’t want Cardano to be an exclusivist network that ONLY rewards the most passionate on the network or the most involved…average joe with 200 ADA must make some returns even if he stakes at a 5000 ADA pool…and I mean not just once a year…what’s the point in that. I am currently in construction in real life and I cannot get involved into this as much as I want to but will do as soon as I’m done at the end of this year. Meanwhile can some smarter people on this website teach me a few things and show me why or where I’m wrong if I am?


Small SPO here, waiting for the first block. Given your pool size you should average about 4 blocks per month, but you are indeed getting much less than that. I would investigate if the pool is fine from the technical point of view. To do it I suggest you to check the slotleader schedule for every epoch and verify that you are actually catching all the blocks the network is giving you. You might have some small problem that makes you miss blocks.


There may be something fishy here. On your pool stops showing up after 253.
Is your KES key still valid?

You may want to check with them what could be causing this. I’d also be interested to hear what they say. In cardano-db-sync I didn’t see anything obvious.

Have you checked the leaderlog for the current/next epoch?

According to this, stretches of three or more epochs without a block would not be unusual for your pool. The Bernoulli Distribution predicts an almost 50% chance for 0 blocks, and as you know this is totally independent of what happened in previous epochs.

Still, I’m not sure if your pool is even considered after 253, but unfortunately I can’t help your there.


According to gLiveView,
KES current/remaining : 197 / 44
KES expiration date : 2021-06-04 12:44:51

Thank you all for the help. Keep it coming…i noticed that thing on myself… I’m a bit concerned right now…i cant find an issue with the pool…

Ok, in that case pls ask them. This also looks good to me

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how can I reach them? if anyone knows…if that’s the chance of the network its the chance of the network…and its exactly why I’m a bit disappointed
thank you very much for those links…they are really cool

Check the leaderlogs fro epoch 256 and 257 (next) to see if you have blocks assigned to your pool.

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I never had a leader log until now. I’m trying run it. gimme a minute

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Verifica releul 2 pare ca are probleme pe sectiunea about

Daca ai nevoie de ajutor sa mi spui



Salut, releul 2 e up, ma jucam cu niste chestii. o sa dureze un pic pana se actualizeaza…dar tot nu explica de am disparut 3 epoch de pe
also: ma cam chinui cu leaderlog-ul…ai idee ce si cum?

PS: ma bucur sa vad un alt roman interesat de cardano, sincer

Folosesti cntools?

Faza cu pooltool ul nu cred ca are treaba… verifica producerul… cum arata outputul din glive?

da cntools
Producerul e ok…arata bine…se incrementeaza tranzactiile…

Tip (diff) : 22 :slight_smile:
Processed TX : 1914 Out / In
Mempool TX/Bytes : 6 / 2626 Peers : 2 2

faza cu leaderlogs nu reusesc sa o fac…imi tot da erori

Ok, hai sa o rezolvam… in folderul scripts… trebuie sa ai ./

Incearca sa rulezi ./ sync si asteapta pana o sa vezi 100% synced

dupa asta opresti scriptul si rulezi

./ leaderlog

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era un pic desincronizat. isi face actualizarea…sunt la 91.68%

nu stiam de faza asta…si nici ca leaderlog-ul e integrat…eu incercam sa il adaug de la link-ul de mai sus

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Pai de asta te am intrebat daca folosesti cntools

e normal sa dureze asa mult??? inca tot la 91.68% suntem?

Da… lasa l ca dureaza… nu l ai folosit pana acum si de aia…

Dar ai dat ./ sync da?

2021-03-30T20:47:30.500Z ERROR cardano_ouroboros_network::mux > state: CanAwait
2021-03-30T20:47:30.500Z ERROR cardano_ouroboros_network::mux > No communication for over 1 minute from server! restarting connection…
2021-03-30T20:47:35.569Z INFO cardano_ouroboros_network::mux > Connecting to …
2021-03-30T20:47:36.834Z WARN cardano_ouroboros_network::protocols::transaction > TxSubmissionProtocol::State::Done
2021-03-30T20:47:36.834Z WARN cardano_ouroboros_network::protocols::chainsync > rollback to slot: 16226925
2021-03-30T20:47:36.834Z INFO cardano_ouroboros_network::protocols::chainsync > block 5068843 of 5528745, 91.68% synced

Ma rog… ar trebui sa se miste un pic mai repede… tot asa a ramas?

da… cred ca e ceva in neregula…dar nu stiu ce