Slightly disappointed as of late

Opreste l si incearca din nou

./ sync

cncli? sau


Da, cncli ul

tot asa face…
acum el zice ca exista o noua versiune dar nu as face update…

./ sync

A new version is available, do you want to upgrade? (yes/no): no

Yes, upgradeaza l

stai sa fac niste backup-uri pe aici inainte de upgrade…am avut niste chestii in trecut si nu mi-au placut

cand am facut upgrade la cntools…s-a stricat ultima oara…

Nu se intampla nimic… face doar la cncli n are treaba cu alte fisiere gen env, config, topology etc

./ sync
ERROR: cncli v0.4.1 installed, please upgrade to latest version!


Asteapta un pic sa ti dau pasii

cd "$HOME/tmp"
curl -sS -o
chmod 755
./ -c
. "${HOME}/.bashrc"

Cand terminam sa faci si chestia asta pe toate nodurile

also install chrony for a better time synchronization

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am facut din relay…
mai fac odata

Ce ai facut din relay?
Tre sa faci din producer

initial am facut dintr-un relay…dupa pe celalat si dupa pe producer
in caz ca apare o eroare

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Nu apare… e vb de cncli … am tot testat :slight_smile:

ok…sunt acolo…am verificat doar…te cred ca ai testat…eu nu, si sunt mai precaut…sry pana ma obisnuiesc si cunosc mai bine reteaua

astept sa se termine buildu

Installing CNCLI
downloading CNCLI…
latest version: v1.5.1
installing RUST…
building CNCLI v1.5.1 …

bun acum il pun pe nod
inca face build

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lasa l sa faca…

acum s-a terminat…

Am depasit pragul 92% :sunny:

Acum il fac si pe Chrony

Has this come to a conclusion yet and do we have the 256 leader schedule? I created this issue related to it. You can “watch” it on GitHub to get a response from Andrew.

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That is good feature suggestion, I never tried looking for past epochs, so I supposed it could work also for the past.

Yes. I was able to check the leaderlog. It seems i won’t create a block in either this epoch or the next…and my pool has no issue…we checked it multiple times. I might have a monster epoch coming at some point…lol