How many adas are required to make a block?

there is any document? or calculations?

when i saw this post

almost 1M adas are required, am i right?

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It’s a lottery, with 1M u will not have the guarantee that u will produce blocks every epoch, but indeed u have more chances to produce…

For example last epoch I had 0 blocks assigned… this epoch 5 blocks already;
but per total (long period) the blocks averrage/epoch is ok



I think small pools are can’t get block create opportunity.
It’s a nonsense.
Because block chain and POS are want to decentralized.
Any helpful answer for this?

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Small pools are can’t prove their high availability architecture.
Because nobody give them for create block chances.

in my think that is harmful logic for cardano stake pool.

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and always thanks for your replies.

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Thank you,

Indeed, for a small pool operator will be hard to compete with big pools… they need to work hard in order to attract delegators.
In my opinion multidelegation (which should be release soon) will help small pool operator


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Beginning March 31 when d = 0 all blocks will be made by stake pools.
There is approximately 23 billion ADA staked.
With 5% block density we have 21600 potential blocks.
So dividing 23 billion by 21600 we get about 1.06 million ADA needed to average 1 block per epoch.


That’s right. So pool operators perhaps you need to $1M.
Otherwise they can’t prove them.

great information, I shared it will all SPOs.

Thank you

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Whats multi delegation?

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one wallet - to multi pool delegation mechanism


Look up the Cardano Foundation delegation methodology, a strategy to impulse small pools.

Also observe that, one of streghness of Cardano is its Community and the Social Service orientation. Search, support and/or Create: Community movements to impulse small pools too.

We, LATAM pool´s team, bet for it!

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Yeap, the multi-delegation is truly helpful with this task!

I read that AdaLite wallet, already has a feature that emulates the multi-delegation! :slight_smile:


Here are some Community Movements examples: Alliances registered on

Explore it! :fire:

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I’m certainly curious about multi-delegation. When is the release date? Sorry, I’m brand to much of this.

Sooner, there is no date set for release yet… but already released an option for multi delegation


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Hopefully it will help, but I don’t see it making SPOs any more attractive…
Why would you split your delegations into SPOs? It makes little economic sense.

Why do people invest in startups? Because they like the idea and see the huge potential of big gains, a risk reward balance if you will.

Why would anyone choose an SPO with a “low” stake of 100k, when all it does is present GREAT RISK of minting 0 blocks and having no returns at all? (for part of their stake split)
Needing 1mil ADA to be attractive (able to consistently mint blocks) is a tall order…

I like Cardano, but it feels like they are not considering the market forces but instead relying on the loyalty to the cause. Which works for some, but not the majority.

EDIT: Also, doesn’t that mean for every extra pool you delegate to, you have to pay the fees again? If that is the case, again, this again hurts the argument that stake splitting is the solution. I welcome the feature, but don’t think it will be a game changer to SPOs

I can build a small pool on the most expensive most highly available architecture and I will remain with no statically positive chance of producing a block. Furthermore, multi delegation isn’t going to help small but solid operators. If anything it will make it worse if not keep things as they are. It appears the design of the Cardano ADA protocol does not favor pool operators unless they are already millionaires… From a technical “skin in the game” a few thousand dollars is alot to a non millionaire, and a few million dollars is alot to a millionaire…how is the technical “skin in the game” different for these two types of individuals?..what is there to loose to call it “skin in the game”? Can someone help me understand how I’m wrong? I hope I am…because if I’m not this goes against the Hoskinson ethos of an equal playing field does it not? Where is the incentive to operate a pool server if the playing field is just going to be dominated by pools will millions of ADA staked? So only African millionaires will have successful pools in operation?


I get where you’re coming from, but early adopters are the ones who deserve to win. Fortune favors the bold. However, if you grind like a MadMan, it’s possible to pull blocks.

You don’t have to be a millionaire. You just need delegations. I pulled my 1st block yesterday with ~170k ADA. It took me exactly 4 months. You may be negative for a few months, but eventually you will be +EV if you grind.

When you say “you just need delegations” are you talking about the number of wallets delegating or amount of ADA delegated?

So far, based on things I’ve read and data evidence, block frequency seems to relate to total ADA staked. The more staked the more the scale is tipped in favor of those with more staked. I get the saturation point and I expect that’s how node count is sort of kind of regulated by those who control the parameters of the protocol.