What is the current amount of Ada to produce, on average, a block per epoch?

I know it varies due to the probabilistic nature of the network protocol but roughly, what is the amount of Ada a pool should have pledged / delegated to most likely be producing at least 1 block per epoch? @Viper_Stake-Pool used to publish epoch summaries that included this, which was awesome, but I haven’t seen them in a while and am missing the info.

Hi @maml1 read short explanation here:

So it’s about 1 million for 1 block oer epoch.

Interesting…I have just over a million and have only produced 7 blocks in the last 13 epochs, so around 54% of the time. Must be higher now.

Yeah that’s just bad luck. I got 200k and after more than 2 months still zero blocks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In the long run it will work out to those odds

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Currently we’ve got 1.2M. Number of blocks swings from 0 up to 3. Be patient. :blush:

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1.0M is the recommended minimum. Even with 2.0M Pledge SPAAS had an Epoch with no Leaderslots.

There is no guarantees but you can at least check your Leaderslots and communicate it with your Pledgers and Delegators.

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