Receive 340 ADA every epoch when operating a stake pool?


I am wondering if I will receive the 340 ADA minimum pool cost every epoch , when operating a Stake pool on mainnet, while just pledging 8000 ADA or no pledge at all & with no delegators ?

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No, you won’t!

You only get the minimum pool cost if you produce at least one block.

If you get scheduled to produce a block depends on a random function, but to get on average one block per epoch, you’d need more than one million ADA stake.

With 8000 ADA stake, you will virtually never produce a block and get no rewards, minimum pool cost or other.


Have a look at a pool explorer such as cexplorer.ioIt gives the expected number of blocks per epoch (expected, becuase it is the slottery at play). It’ll help you understand how much delegation versus blocks pools get. You can also explore the rewards an owner gets.

But as @HeptaSean says, with 8,000 delegated, your changes are very very low, not 0, but very low.


For now, when the block rewards fall below the fixed fee (ignoring tx fees for simplicity), you’ll only get what those blocks give you, which will be less than than fixed fee (ignoring possible future lower min fee for now). This can already happen now if you set your fixed fee higher.