Question about Pool Rewards

Hello… I have a question about pool rewards. If we look at a random pool that has a fixed fee of 340Ada and 0% margin, then my understanding is that every epoch this pool should receive only 340 Ada as a reward.

However, when I find such a pool in, such as this one:
[WMOPS] Waldmops | Cardano Staking

It appears that they are getting much more than just 340Ada per epoch. In epoch 245 they received over 1K Ada. Why is that? Am I wrong in my understanding of how the rewards work?


You forgot the pledge…


Thanks Alex, but I am not sure I am following… The stake pools pledge also contributes to their award potential above and beyond the fees they define?

Yes, otherwise from where should be the difference? But the pledge is like a wallet who delegated to that pool, it will receive % from all rewards like any other delegator… just that it is added to to pool reward together with cost and margin…
Someone pls correct me if I wrong…

more informations

docs-cardano-org/ at main · cardano-foundation/docs-cardano-org · GitHub.


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Hello Alex, help me out estimating my reward about my stake pool : 500 ada pledged fixed cost 340 with a margin of 4%??

in order to receive rewards you need to create blocks.
you will have more chances if you will have more ADA delegated to your pool. You will need to attract somehow delegators. with only 500 ada pledge… will be hard to create blocks.

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