1st Rewards WTF?


My pool minted 1 block in epoch 212 and now on epoch 214 received the reward.

To be exact a total of 46 ADA as a reward. Seriously? The pool is low with a total of 60K ADA only from which one third is my pledge! So ive assumed i should get a big chunk of it as pledge act as delegation + 30% more because youre a pool operator. Can someone clarify this for me ? Thanks.

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Could you explain where you’re getting these numbers and assumptions from? How much of that 60K is yours? How much of it is pledge? What is your pool’s fee and margin setup? Where did you get the 30% figure from?

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He means, 30% would be his rewards share for the pledge also being delegated to his pool.

Fair enough. The numbers do look about right though not knowing anything else. As far as I know you’re not guaranteed the 340 fees unless the rewards can cover for them. If you’re saying total rewards were 46 for the 60K ADA then that’s about a 5.59% Annual return.
46 / 60,000 * (365 / 5)

The last 5 comes from the fact that an epoch is 5 days so you got the 46ADA over 5 days.

Hope this helps.

@youngkraker. I think the rewards are far less than you expected because in that epoch, 212, it didn t mather how many blocks you produced to get rewards. If you produced at least 1, you got only the theoretical based rewards based on the size of the pool in relation to the total staked ada, in fact very little part. If you had produced a blocj
K in epoch 213, i assume the rewards would have been Gigantic. I think you had bad luck this pool produced a block in 212 in stead off 213

I would say set it and forget it my pool made like 10 blocks overall all epochs my rewardAccountBalance is ZERO, nada, nul.
Only alickers of charles making anything called “money”. I even wonder why all these masquerade I mean if he loves his dedicated pool operators so much he could just wire the money for them.

Rewards are jacks… but not different from kucoin and lot of other crypto projects out there, pathetic :cold_face:

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Did you check the payment address used when creating your pool? What is your pool ticker?