12 Minted blocks but no rewards

This is a strange one that no one seems to have been able to shed any light on.

In epoch 276, we minted 12 blocks. It is now epoch 278 and it states that rewards are 0.
Confirmed that no rewards were distributed for the epoch.

You can see on ADAPools.org that the rewards for epoch 276 is 0.

  • Pledge is met.
  • Relays are working
  • No memory CPU usage issues that can be seen in graphana and server monitoring
  • No blocks missed
  • No slot battles
  • All blocks propagated to the network
  • KES keys were up to date, just updated again today for save measure
  • All server environments are up to date
  • All CNTools scripts are up to date

Server uptime was 19 days before reboots today.

Adapools.org is syncing the db… check the top of the page for that green progress line

Hey @Alexd1985 I thought that might be the issue too. Other pools are showing the data for epoch 276.

PoolTools is also showing blanks for that epoch for us.
It’s showing blocks for 277.

Did u lowered the pledge in the past?

I did indeed.

One other person said that might have been an issue.

I had to move ADA out of one of the owners wallets as they needed to sell and the pledge was not met for about 10 minutes while I update the pools registration details.

That was roughly two epochs before epoch 276.

Hmm then this is the issue, the steps are:

  • lower the pledge by submiting a new pool certificate with the new pledge
  • wait 2 epochs and then remove the funds from pledge wallet

If u reduced the pledged and also withdraw the funds same epoch u will not receive rewards

This is the rule :frowning:


holy Sh#4 balls batman.

Thanks for that @Alexd1985 I did not see that anywhere in the documentation. I hope others learn from that too.

@Alexd1985 I’m assuming it should be fine from here on in as we haven’t had any other changes in pledge or wallet balances since.

Yes, now should be fine

This is a common misconception about the timing of pledge change.
Not having to wait for epoch change to modify the pledge would lead to a situation where anyone could boast 50M ADA as a pledge, only to lower it just before epoch change and repeat the operation. Seemingly pledging a very high amount of ADA while in reality not at all.

You’re not the first to get caught by this :slight_smile:


Just a quick note on the timing:

You can remove Ada from owner accounts 1 epoch transition after you reduced the pledge.

Eg. if you reduce the pledge 1 hour before epoch transition, you can move your Ada right after the epoch transition.

I thought there are 2 epochs because if u reduce the pledge just before the snapshot, the new pledge will not became active till the second snapshot
but maybe I wrong :slight_smile:

Lower your pledge on epoch n via registration certificate (anytime before the snapshot end). Could be lowering, could be changing pledge account etc …

Now, you must wait until epoch n+1 is live to actually enact the changes you declared at epoch n.