Rewards showing as zero

My BP server mined blocked but it shows its rewards as zero, this issue is first time happening

@Alexd1985 HI Man, Do you have any ideas ?
i reduced my pledge from 50k to 2k ADA, is it because of that ?

Did u sent a new certificate with the new pledge?
U must send a new certificate with the new pledge reduced… wait 2 epochs and after that u can withdraw ada from pledge wallet otherwise u will have “pledge not met”



Thanks Alex, what is the process of sending new certificate to the pledge ?

Coincashew or cntools guide?

cntools please, thank you

cntools → pool → modify

@Alexd1985 this is similar issue I have been experiencing on Testnet. My testnet pool has not produced any rewards. But my understanding to why this is happening is because when I first launched. I wasn’t meeting my pledge for the first epoch (Testnet Epoch 219). Then I resolved it by sending more tADA and adjusting my pledge (Testnet Epoch 220). Then, I discovered a firewall issue which resolved the BPN having both an in and out connection to my relay (Testnet Epoch 221). I believe everything is now currently running properly based on what I have read, researched, and can see from tools like gLiveView, and Cardanoscan.

Do I just wait for epoch 223? 2 epochs after 221 when I fixed the firewall issue?
I haven’t found anything else that would cause my pool not produce rewards.

By the way we really love your pool and found it after we started working on ours. We appreciate everything you do especially when it aligns with everything we want and plan to do. :heart_hands:

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The rewards are delayed with 2 epochs…
if ur pool made a block on epoch x, you will receive the rewards at the begining of epoch x+2 (no blocks = no rewards)

PS: thx for ur kindly words :beers:

Thank you @Alexd1985…I don’t mind waiting for my pool to produce a block, but would like to know that my configuration is valid for producing blocks and I am not just waiting for a result that might never come. Any recommendations on what I can look at with respect to my testnet pool to ensure it will produce blocks?

My relay has many in and out peers. My BPN has 1 in and 1 out to my relay. I meet my pledge. I was able to stake to the pool. Transfer tokens in and out. Everything that I am aware of looks good. If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate them…

how much is the active stake?
U can interogate the blockchain to check if the pool has any blocks asigned

replace POOL_ID with ur pool ID
adapt the path for vrf.skey and shelley-genesis files

  • current epoch
cardano-cli query leadership-schedule \
  --testnet-magic 1097911063 \
     --genesis testnet-shelley-genesis.json \
     --stake-pool-id  POOL_ID \
     --vrf-signing-key-file vrf.skey \
  • next epoch
cardano-cli query leadership-schedule \
  --testnet-magic 1097911063 \
     --genesis testnet-shelley-genesis.json \
     --stake-pool-id  POOL_ID \
     --vrf-signing-key-file vrf.skey \

Ok, I think you helped me figure out the issue. I don’t have testnet-shelley-genesis.json, I have shelley-genesis.json. Somehow I must have pulled the wrong config files for testnet when building the node. It looks like I will need to re-build since this indicates my node is configured for mainnet, but is syncing on testnet. Any easy recommendation to accomplish this?

Stop Node - Build with pre-config files - Restart?

Thanks again for all you help @Alexd1985, was banging my head on this one.

Nope the file should be fine, just pit the right name/paths and check

Ok, I did what you asked and I am getting "Command failed: query leadership-schedule Error: Error while looking up environment variable: CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH Error: “CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH”

I am researching how to properly set this now.

@Alexd1985, I was able to fix the Cardano node socket issue, but now I am getting the following error.

Command failed: query leadership-schedule Error: Failed to successfully decode the current epoch state: DecoderErrorDeserialiseFailure "EpochState (BabbageEra StandardCrypto)" (DeserialiseFailure 37954909 "Decoding TxIx: too many bytes.")

what version did u install?

1.35.0 was installed.

I restarted my BPN last night after the above changes. The BPN stopped syncing. I understand it takes time after a node restart for it to be back to a full sync. But it has never taken this long. Image below is after 10.5 hours using sudo systemctl restart cnode.service

1.35.0 was horribly broken.

On testnet, you should go to 1.35.2.

For mainnet, IOG now says 1.35.3 is okay, but I’d still stay on 1.34.1 until it is tested a bit better.

1.35.3 will not work on testnet due to the breakage caused by the other 1.35.x versions.

If you run a node or even a pool, please follow Telegram: Contact @SPOannouncements and/or IOG's Technical Community.

Thanks @HeptaSean! I am not on Mainnet yet. I wanted to ensure enough testing before I build my production pool. I used Guild Tools to deploy my Testnet node.

I have never upgraded/downgraded a node yet. So this is a great opportunity for me to continue learning.

Any recommendations on how to so this easily?
Do you recommend I upgrade my node to 1.35.2 or should I downgrade my node to 1.34.1 for now to establish a fully functional pool on Testnet before moving to the latest?
if I rebuild my node will my BPN wallet be effected?

I will join the Telegram channel for SPO Announcements. Thank you :trophy: