Staking pool fees per epoch

Hi, as i read its 340 fixed fees per epoch for operating a staking pool.
I am going to open a cardano staking pool and i wanted to clarify what are the costs and the fees per epoch?
If the rewards of my staking pool are less than 340 ADA what will happens?
This means that i will pay from my pocket the difference between (earned rewads as staking pool owner - 340 ADA fees) ?
Thank you for your time guys

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The only ADA which u will pay from ur wallet will be 500 ADA for pool registration (which u willl receive back when u will retire the pool)

  • 340 cost will be deducted from pool rewards once/epoch if u will create ar least 1 block
  • margin will be deducted from each block

so… cost + margin are the pool rewards not cost


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so the only cost for me is 500 ADA for pool registration (and i take them back when i close the pool) and my personal work… and my earnings are 340 and the margin !

Those are pool rewards… u will also earn rewards dor pledge/stake

ok really thanks man… as i see at another post of yours , you are using contabo vps are you satisfied??? also any other tip to start?

Contabo yeah… now I am working to move my Producer at home… I just bought a toy :))

I will keep the relays on cloud