Question about fees for new small stake pool owners

Before I register my stake pool( send my ADA to the wallet), how much actually does it cost to maintain a stake pool before being ablr to mint blocks?

I heard that 500ADA + registration fee is required for the registration and if the stake pool did not work out and decided to retire, 500 ADA will be back. Is this true?

If the stake pool could not produce a block every epoch, does it cost 340ADA every single epoch???

I am really eager to support the CARDANO community, however, it seems daunting for a small new comer from a cost perspective…

Hello @tokyo106

The system allows the operator to determine the percentage of the rewards obtained for producing blocks to pay for the stake pool maintenance costs (hosting, internet connection, etc.).

The system pays that amount to the operator once the stake pool produces blocks. The operator is paid first and the rest of the rewards are distributed (by the system, not by the operator) among the delegators.

The 500 ada is returned once the stake pool is retired.

The operator does not have to pay the system anything if the stake pool does not produce blocks.

Do you remember the first point? Well, the minimum amount that the operator can set as payment for his work in maintaining the stake pool is 340 ada.

Hoping this helps

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Thank you for posting this question tokyo! I am in the same boat!

napoles i appretiate the replys! Helped alot. I just wonder someone with little ada under 1k how could i really make a pool and get it producing blocks for the system. The lowest producers have like 100k minimum dont they?

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What I figured out is that we lose nothing.

We get 340 ada for the maintenance cost and 500 ada for the registration is refundable.

Unless you have at least 160 000 ada to stake to your pool dont expect to mint a block in a month on average. no blocks = no rewards.


Is this your pool with only 48k that has 1 block?

Yes, it is. I got a slot few epochs ago, but sadly failed to convert due to vrf key mismatch. Lesson learned, setting fixed, patiently waiting for next one.

aw dang sorry to hear about that! You should make a post on that so others can learn from your mistake!

I’ve done so.

ok! I will check that out!!