[Cardano] Startup Cost - New Pool

Hi All,

Im currently in the process of setting up my Pool through CoinCashew and just need some clarification as I’m kinda confused on the initial cost?

Registration of stake address (stakeAddressDeposit) = 2000000 Lovelace = 2 ADA
Pool Cost (MinPoolCost) = 340000000 Lovelace = 340 ADA
Stake Pool Deposit (stakePoolDeposit) = 500000000 Lovelace = 500 ADA

So is the total ADA needed to start my Pool = 842 ADA ??

Or is the Pool Cost (MinPoolCost) = 340 ADA only when you receive rewards from the block

Making the Initial Cost = Registration of stake address & Stake Pool Deposit for a Total = 502 ADA??

Thank you in advance!

Almost, the 340 ada “cost” in what you receive in rewards, so it isn’t a cost to start the pool. But the 500 ada deposit and transaction fees (2 ada) is needed. Then you need some pledge which can be any amount you want. The more, the merrier.

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Thank you!! I just wanted to be sure and I couldn’t find a definite answer. What’s is considered a good pledge?

you dont need pledge if your starting off, but a good pledge is probably like 25,000-50,000 I currently have no pledge on my server, I just setup CNTOOLS with hardware wallet, so it will be 5,000 soon.

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I would advise a 100k ADA pledge if you are popular on social media. If not, 1M. Unless you can get a bunch of delegates. Being a new SPO can be brutal. Speaking from experience. Gluck!

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I currenty have 0 pledge and have found 2 blocks, so its not impossible, but the grind is hard.


You started 6 months ago. 40k live stake. 2 blocks. That’s around double the 1 block/25 epochs you should be getting. Luck plays a big factor.

It all depends what he wants out of his pool. Does he live in NYC or Romania? Is this a full time venture, or a hobby?

But you are correct. You win with any amount of pledge. Skin in the game helps, tho.

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To be precise:

  • the stake address registration fee (2 ADA) is per owner account. So if you have multi-owner or a separate reward account, you would need to multiple that number accordingly.
  • you would also need to pay transaction fee (which is around 0.17) when register/publish the pool. You may need to perform multiple transactions if you like to update parameters or correct mistakes.
  • Like others pointed out, the 340 ADA is not part of initial cost.

Also note both 500 ADA pool deposit and 2 ADA key registration are refundable.


I was unaware you can have a multi-owner, thank you for mentioning that

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Yeah. My CoOwner has a thriving business. I pledged 100k (84% of pool), he pledged 5.5k (4% of pool). Soon we will be EvenStevens and pulling 1 block/month on average…

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Almost 2 months in. 0 blocks. Women lie, men lie, number$ DON’T. We will make a lil somethin’ in the long run. IDGAF about how much we made today. I’m tryna see my NetWorth in 2030…

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