Higher pledge or higher active stake?

I’m about ready to start my own staking pool. A friend and I will be going in on it together. I learned about Cardano just a few weeks before the price jumped up to over $1. So, I only have about 20k ADA that I could pledge. My friend, however, has around 200k.

  1. Is it better for us to pool our ADA together to have a higher pledged amount or to keep the pledge at 20k but then have him delegate his 200k to the pool? Personally, I’d be more likely to stake with a smaller pledged amount but one that has more delegators, but I’m not sure if one way is technically better than the other.

  2. Is it possible to have both of us contribute to the pledge or do we have to combine our ADA into a single address?

Any thoughts on this?


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There is a way to pledge safely with a hardware wallet, I’m still learning to do that.

Just remember your pledge usually sits on the servers payment.address / payment.skey so if you don’t know what your doing yet, dont worry about putting a lot of pledge on the server right away.

You would probably be good for starting 0 pledge till you know what your doing. Dont forget there is a server registration fee of 500.

If you need help just send me a message. Or post more questions in the forum. Im planning to write up a simplified/ or better explained version of the coincashew.com guide soon.

Many use the CNTOOL guide but I find that overly complicated for my needs, but seems like it simplfies things in the long run.

Thanks Anti.biz.

And just to clarify, the pledged amount does earn interest like the other staked amounts, correct?

Thats one area that is still confusing to me. I am not sure if you get rewards from your pledge on the server.

I feel like you should since its technically staked on your server address, so you should get some of the total pool rewards + your operator fee.’

I am still waiting on my first block for my server.

And just to clarify, the pledged amount does earn interest like the other staked amounts, correct?


High pledge = more trust/attractive for delegators…
U can pledge from multiple wallets;
Pledge or delegating is the same thing… just that the pledge is the amount of ada delegated
by the pool owner to his pool

I think of it this way, as an outsider looking for a pool with no knowledge of the fact that the delegated amount is linked to the pledge amount

  • Pledge amount = this amount can’t really go anywhere unless you retire the pool, so more consistency
  • Delegated amount = could be moved to another pool very easily
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