Funding or delegate

Hi everyone, I am new here.

I am setting up a Staking pool at the moment.
I am now at the funding point.
Is it better to put my maximum amount of ADA into the pay.address or is it better to keep some for delegating to my own pool… or is it uncommon to point with own fortune to my own pool?

Thank you in advance
best regards

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if your ada is more than 1M, big pledge meaning is you can create block with your own pledge.
But if that’s not, you can delegate your self, another seems like it is someone with you.

I think it is your pool strategy area.

IMO, it’s better to put in pledge, because it is make your pool more eye catching for delegators, but make sure to secure your pool.
This is just my personal opinion, You can have different strategy.

Hi Cryptofever, welcome to the forum and good luck with your new pool :+1:

A few points to consider here:

  • the chances of finding blocks is mainly dependent on the total stake of your pool. Pledge and stake both count. So for this reason it doesn’t make much difference (besides the a0 parameter which has a relatively low impact on the reward amount).

  • one of the important reasons to be careful what pledge amount you choose will depend on the fact that you have to always honor your pledge if you want to be able to mint blocks. For example if your pledge is 20k and you withdrawal some and the amount of pledge at your address is 19k then you will never get a block. Even when your pool has millions of stake.

If you have other questions feel free to ask.

thank you all very much.
I think I go 50/50 with my ADA
I ve got another question about the relay servers but will open a new topic

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