Pledge or delegate?

My CoOwner and I are wondering whether to unload into our pool after our initial pledges as delegates from a different wallet, or keep paying the fees for bumping up our pledges every week. Thanks in advance!

We have done both.

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Yeah, but which way makes the most sense (cents)?

Pledge doesn’t, yet, play a pivotal role in how much your delegates earn as long as it’s “reasonable”. So you’re not really going to see any meaningful difference unless you’re below perhaps 10K in pledge or above 2M in pledge today.

Once the parameters change, if they ever do, then we’re hoping pledge, at least I am, that pledge gets a little more emphasis. This is controlled by the a0 parameter. So unless you strongly believe that you will attract more delegates (hasn’t been my experience so far) by having much higher pledge, I personally don’t think it’s worth the trouble or the fees. You’re losing more than you’re making on that.

CPX Pool


Cool. BlockFi/Celsius are playing the “upload your ID again” game after I tried to withdraw BTC to trade for ADA and pledge. Always on withdrawals, NEVER on deposits :roll_eyes:…

I have enough BTC in Voyager to pledge 100k ADA. If they are stalling me as well, I’ll just pledge 25k from Yoroi and delegate the other 75k later. This goes down tomorrow, and I feel 100k pledged looks more professional than 25k pledged, 75k staked…:sob:

To be honest not really sure. If you are a smaller pool trying to attract delegates than perhaps more pledge looks better. However unless you have at least 1 Million ADA pledge/delegation combined it would be difficult to mint a block each epoch. We put most of our ADA in the pledge thinking it might help.
Most of the pools that get the delegations are the crypto famous pools on twitter, or perhaps pools run by friends of whales. Single Pools Operators are gone to get pushed out of the game. I am seeing more and more pools retire because they can’t get the delegation.

Mine will be 100k Pledged, 100k staked (by delegators hopefully).

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Agree. 100K pledge makes more sense. I mean you could always do 90K pledge and 10K stake. In terms of your own rewards it won’t make much of a difference.

Good luck to you.

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