Seeking 250k-1m stake (paid)

I’m not sure if this post is appropriate or not, please forgive me if it’s not. I’m happy to delete it or take it down as well.

I’d like to gauge if there’s any interest from any delegators with 250k - 1m in staking with my pool [RELAY].

Ideally I’m seeking 1m+ ADA, whereby I’ll happily hand over the 340 ADA per epoch I’d make for successfully minting, this will help prove out that my pool is operable and configured correctly as well.

Timewise, I’d like to hopefully maintain the delegation at least until I’m able to reach 2-3m staked so that I can offboard with a little more ease and of course, all rewards would go to the 1m staked until such time, of course.

Appreciate anyone’s thoughts/consideration on this.

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Why not? We kinda had the same idea some time ago: :slightly_smiling_face:

Why would it be inappropriate to discuss this here? In fact I recently did consider offering pledge to small pools to help them grow. I’m a SPO myself and my thinking was that I can as well pledge money to someone else’s pool as long as it yields the same as if I put the money in my own pool. I didn’t even think about making extra profit by doing so.

Finally I abandoned the idea after discussing it with a few SPOs because it just doesn’t make economic sense if you think about it more deeply.

Unless you want to solo-stake with a small amount of pledge and don’t mind the irregular returns, your pool’s goal is probably to make money from external delegators. If that is true, you maybe accept losing some money initially to attract delegators only to make it back later when your pool is saturated.

I don’t believe this approach will fly because then your pool needs to be more expensive than the market to sustain itself.

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This is also explored here in greater detail. If you find someone with 1m, that person would have 0% cost. An (almost) saturated pool with a 0% margin has also very little cost (i.e. 1%). That guy would indeed have a small benefit from delegating to your pool. Everyone else, would have little incentive to do so because they’d have > 30% cost. You would likely be worst off, because you also take the > 30% hit on rewards, but on top of that you’d still have to pay for the pool’s running cost.

All in all, this “first come takes all” model will probably not work out so well. The best I could come up with (so far) is an egalitarian approach, where the pool owner is on equal terms with the delegators (i.e. everyone gets the same). The running cost of a pool are not zero, they too are shared equally.

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@tomdx, although your method sounds nice and all, whenever anything basic like running a pool or delegating becomes so complex as you are making it here, I would not be willing to promote it. I only believe in the most simple solutions. Which in this case in my opinion would be a change of the protocol like mentioned here:

So Although I understand that you are making the best out of the given situation (and I respect that), I feel that the given situation needs changing and we should focus more on that.

PS: anybody with a stake lower than 1m looking for a group of SPO’s to learn, share common problems and have fun check this telegram group out:
A place for Extra Small Stake Pools to hangout, to learn and to have fun! - Staking & Delegation / Operate a Stake Pool - Cardano Forum


In the (hopefully) near future the beneficiary of ASTOR pool rewards will be a Plutus smart contract, which will automatically take care of pool reward redistribution. In a way, this will (almost) be as good as the network taking care of this directly.

I guess, we’ll see what happens with respect to formula changes - this is by no means a trivial matter. Util then, everyone is invited to come on board - the next payout is in E274.