A place for Extra Small Stake Pools to hangout, to learn and to have fun!

Hello everybody,

Most SPO’s who start a pool without an initial stake of 500k or more have a tough time overcoming multiple challenges:

  • Technical: how to setup and operate a pool
  • Running Costs: expensive servers
  • Marketing: promote your pool and attract delegators
  • Economical: lower delegator returns due to small stake
  • Social: alone is always less fun

I have seen hundreds of forum posts about these challenges. Luckily, we have the official spo telegram channel and this great forum.

However, by accident I got in contact with a couple of other very fun small pool operators and we started to hangout in our own telegram channel. It was then that we found out how much more fun it became to be able to chat, laugh and learn together.

This is why Miguel @miguelans, Guy @icq2006 and myself came with the following idea:

A telegram group specially for xSPO’s!
An xSPO is an extra small SPO (XS-SPO) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

All SPO’s can join but there are 3 requirements:

- you are or want to become a SPO
- your initial total live stake (pledge plus stake) is less than 1 million ada
- you have to be polite and friendly

Please note:
We have zero commercial intentions here. We also don’t want to create a spo alliance. We just think it would be fun to come together with like minded people, learn from each other but most importantly have fun together!

Miguel and Guy will introduce themselves below. Please feel free to do the same and join the telegram channel:


xSPO is already a NFT on the Cardano Blockchain :smiley:

Ps: spread this around if you like it.
Ps2: all comments are welcome.



Hey to all I’m Guy!
im a filmmaker from LA and also very low coder. the kind that can handle Stake Pool :wink:
so if you meet our requirements you are more than welcome to join us.
I think together we can have fun while grow together

xSPO !


Hi guys!
I’m Miguel from Portugal. I’m a full time IT engineer and a part time SPO.

Vahid explained everything in an excellent manner!
We expect this group to be a place for us all to share experiences and learn, but most of all to be a place where we can have fun (and very, very rarely talk about serious stuff)!
Come join us!



We got 15 xSPO’s in the channel and @icq2006 just made our community’s logo into a NFT:



Hello guys,
I am pretty new to this forum. Here is my introduction:

I plan to run a stake pool in the near future and it will be definitely a (very) small one.
My first challenge is to figure out if it even make sense to run such a small pool.
I am interested in the technical part, I don’t have to get rich :wink:
It would be great if it will cover the costs, though.

I am already polite and friendly :slight_smile:

Would love to join.


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Hi Denny @McBeastie,

Feel free to join the telegram channel! You can ask us the questions you got, exchange experiences and then decide if you would like to start a stake pool.

Hi @ADA4Good,
Sounds great, will do!

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Also joined your channel. Like the combination of fun and know how exchange!

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New to the group & just joined the telegram channel :slight_smile:

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Today we reached 20 XSPO’s!

If there was a telegram group for folks that have <$5m delegated (we have 1.2m currently in our pool) I’d join that.

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Would love to join , this is exactly what we are looks for!

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@robotpoolio, We are not such a strict group. So feel free to join the channel if you like. We would be happy to have you :slight_smile:

Hi all, it’s Jan here, I’m an AI researcher and data scientist. I’ve become interested in Cardano after I learned that my favorite AI-related blockchain project SingularityNet (I’ve been their fan since they started more than 3 years ago) is going to migrate from Ethereum to Cardano. So after learning more about Cardano, I’ve started to play around with SPO, trying to run it on testnet etc. And I guess it could make sense to run it for real on mainnet, if it even makes any sense to run it initially with super-low stakes. Anyway, I’ll join the Telegram channel.



We have 44 members and just added a Discord server:

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Short Update:
We are listed at adapools.org and Adafolio.com

Currently 75 members in the Discord server. Current project: try to understand what triggers missed slots.
Come join us!

Hello fellow SPO’s,

Less than 3 months ago we started this initiative to bring the smallest of our SPO’s, with an initial stake of 1m Ada or less, together. Our mission: to have fun while we help each other grow!

Today, as we are approaching 90 members in our discord server, we noticed that although we have a lot of knowledge together, still quite some Cardano topics are not fully clear to us.

That is why we have decided to try to keep working to solve these unclarities and share them with the community. Our first project was to easily explain the slot leader process. The resulted in this article here..

Currently we are working to analyze and better understand what exactly causes “missed slots” and how to prevent them.

We intend to add future projects to this list.
Please feel free to come and help us.

Cheers, xSPO alliance.