Hello from Berlin/Germany

I am a techie living near Berlin. I have been working in IT for about 18 years,
last 15 years in 24/7/365 (Linux) environments.
Recently, I decided to look into alternative investment strategies.
I started to invest some money in different coins/tokens and with that, I became
interested in the projects behind those assets.
When I read about Cardano’s goals, I got instantly bitten by the bug.
I want to do more to support its success.
Especially running a stake pool sounds very interesting to me (although I already discovered some major non-tech obstacles, but we will see).

I look forward to having interesting conversations and meeting interesting people.



Hi @McBeastie ,

welcome to Cardano Forum. Hope to see your stake pool soon. Best wishes :coffee:

Schönes Wochenende

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Hi @McBeastie
sehr cool noch jemanden aus Berlin zu haben. Ich komme zwar nicht direkt aus Berlin aber aus der Nähe.
Wenn du möchtest schreib mir doch einfach eine PM damit man sich mal austauschen kann.


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:slight_smile: Danke @andreassosilo. Same to you!

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Hallo @Jonny22,
klingt super. Ich werde dich kontaktieren.


Hi, @McBeastie. Welcome here! How are you?

Hi @Azure_ADA,
Thanks for welcoming me. Just saw that you run a stake pool,
maybe we can exchange experiences in the future?!

Have a nice one!