Looking for a techie (preferably in Berlin), to run a stake pool together!

Hey folks,
someone here (preferably from Berlin) who has experience in the area of IT/networks/system-administration and is confident enough to operate a stake pool, but who is not familiar with the commercial side of things and is therefore holding back? I have a M.Sc. in Finance and therefore I’m confident to take over the commercial part! I’ve also been dealing with “crypto” and the surrounding economic and socio-philosophic ideas for years :wink: Maybe we can get together, found a business and operate the stake pool!

I already have some ideas how the business model/plan could look like and also some capital to get the pool up and running. However, I lack the technical know-who.

It would be important to me that it is not only about profits, but that the pool can also have a positive social and ecologic impact. For this reason, I am looking for a business partner who has a similar attitude and who likes to actively help shaping a “better” future. I already have ideas for that, too. BUT, more on this in personal contact. :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out!

Best regards,


hi Bastian,
shall we meetup sometimes. I am already having a setup on cardano shelley. Just connect with me. I was also looking out for someone,

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