Anyone want to partner on a stakepool? I supply ADA, but need help on tech side

I have a lot of ADA and am interested in running a stake pool, but I don’t have/know the technical side of it. I’d really love to partner with someone in or near Kansas City, but would consider a longer distance if nothing is available here. We could split the profits. I could even help buy any equipment/hardware needed.


Not anywhere near Kansas but if you don’t find someone close I’m open to discussing a partnership.

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Are you already running a pool? Any ideas on how we could split things? I’m not 100% sure how pledging works, but I know there’s a huge difference between the money/ada we can make as a delegator vs running a pool. I just dont have the time or expertise to run the pool, but I do have a lot of ADA.

I just sent you a DM. Don’t send your ADA to anybody.

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Email my partner he is offering a service to build and maintain a pool.

Yes, already running a pool, GROW. If your still interested you can DM me or find me on Twitter:

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I am, but it looks like it’s a pretty difficult job to get people to stake to pools.

Wondering if pledging to a pool would be better but still make more ROA than plain delegation.

Not sure how to pledge though. I don’t see anything for it in Daedalus.

Pledging is possible in Daedalus if you generate the mnemonic outside of daedalus in the correct way. I’ve set up two people this way, but I’m not looking for any more at this time. There are plenty of good operators out there to partner with. I’d second the recommendation to work with @cybershaman from GROW pool. He’s a quality operator. When you say you have “a lot” of ada, I hope you’re talking millions as you won’t make blocks otherwise and it’s better to just delegate.

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Well, I thought what I had was a lot at 250K, but apparently that is squat compared to other guys. I don’t really have 200K to put into Cardano stock. Wish I would have. But I’ll definitely take a look at Grow pool. Thx!

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