Help me set up a stake pool and I'll split it with you

Is there anyone in Kansas City that would be willing to help me set up a staking pool? I could pay for any equipment and stake 250K of ADA. I have that part, but don’t have the technical expertise to get it done. We can split any profits.

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According to the staking calculator we’d be splitting 1.2 Million per year if ADA hits $1.

Hi Steve (@stonyhodes) awesome to see you here welcome :metal:, have you posted in #communitytechnicalsupport to see if there is anyone from Kansas City or you could try #meetups :metal:

Welcome aboard. I’m facing the same issue. I found this guid quite friendly. But, I’m still waiting confirmation if this guide is legit or not.
FYI, I just start by installing clean ubuntu machine.

I have the same problem. Lack of programming skills. If you find anyone lat me know. Good Luck

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Hey, I’m in the process of setting up a pool, but not sure there’s a straightforward way to combine the stake other than just simply staking a pool in the regular way. Let me know you’re thoughts as I’m happy to help.

@ADA-INDO that documentation is for the incentivised test net, not the Shelley Public testnet that was launched yesterday :slight_smile:

It might be better to drop the locality requirement, this kind of thing should be doable entirely online.

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Welcome Mark (@Marcus great to see you here

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I could definitely drop the locality requirement. I’m really just looking to partner with someone who can do the technical part. I just get nervous about partnerships where you don’t meet face to face or work together as much in person. But if someone could tell me what to buy and how to set it up that would be amazing.

Thanks! I’m pretty new to this forum, but I’ll try that out too.

Thanks! Great to be here

Folks if you want to work together on pools hit me up. I can setup new pools for you but don’t see much point as got mine completely empty idling. It’s running in a DC on gbit fiber connection 24/7 still no1 stakes on it because I don’t advertise it so for me it’s just the opposite I looking for someone who want to do the marketing part of the pool.

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Hi @Aione Welcome to the community great to have you here

Just curios, have you tried using the POA guides? It’s helped a lot of people set up their stakepool, we have a dedicated telegram community of people who will help you.


I didn’t think about the marketing part. I’m assuming there is a list of stakepools somewhere on Cardano and people would find us to stake. I’ve been waiting a long time to start staking and would love to run my own pool or do it with a partner. Let me know if you have ideas on how we could work together. I’m sure we can figure out some marketing as well. If people can make 10% on their money invested it would be crazy not to do it. This is all pretty new, but if we can get into it and get it figured out early we would be set up for the next few years as it becomes more popular.

Yeah that’s the only thing you should be thinking about 1287 pools are up and running. From this 737 (smaller pools) are even hidden on pooltol and adapools like mine have either nothing staked on it or low amount.
What do you think make people stake on your pool? They just look at the top performing pools and stake on those. You can kinda throw money on the problem without any marketing, like if you claim to have 250k ada and delegate it to a pool it will get to topish in the list and with some good name more people will delegate to it.
I would not advise those Cardano Telegram channels, the amount of scammers, idiots and bots are there is like on any other crypto channels. They are mostly vultures, they don’t help you but take everything they can get especially in the cardano stake pool operator community.
We have a small irc channel @ freenode #Cardano you can drop in.

That sounds extremely unlikely to me. I’m very suspicious of people who rubbish official channels then shill their own one. Tread carefully folks!

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