Looking for a Cardano enthusiast and partner to run the technical part of our stakepool


I am looking for a Cardano enthusiast and partner to run the technical part of a stakepool.

Someone who doesn’t have the money to run a stakepool, but has the time, knowhow and enthusiasm of running one. And maintaining a promotional website. I don’t have the knowhow or time to maintain a stakepool, but I will supply the hardware, 100Mbps internet and power from my home. My partner should be able to speak English and preferably be in a European/African timezone. In the spirit of equal changes someone with a low income (like from Africa etc.) would have my prevalence.

In the spirit of decentralization I don’t want to run the stakepool in a datacenter, but from my home. I am planning to get solar panels next year, so they will be running eco friendly. Maybe we can increase availability (in the future) by adding another PC (I will provide) in another home.

Although the money/rewards is less important than supporting the project, we can split the profit.

I have a Windows 10 PC and VirtualBox with a SSD disk and 12GB of RAM (which I can expand to 16GB if needed). The PC will have a 100Mbps up and download connection.

Anyone interested? Please reply and/or send me a direct message.

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You may want to look in this Telegram group:

I don’t know how long you have been in the community or around the stake pools but there are a lot of stake pool operators with tons of experience that have been pushed aside by some of the big money/multiple pools in the system. You can probably find a good match with a dev that is experienced and just wants to run a good pool… I can’t tell you how many great devs have thrown in the towel because of some if the “issues” going on… You should be able to find a solid person in the Alliance group. Hope this helps!

I can help you if you want; I helped few Pool Operators to set up their Pool.

Thnx Alexd1985 for your offer to help me install a node. I am really looking for someone who wants to install and maintain the technical part for me. I installed 3 Ubuntu machines on VirtualBox by following this lesson 1 but from lesson 2 it becomes too technical for me. Linux and cli is not really my thing. So I am still hoping and waiting for someone who want to also maintain the StakePool.

Thnx anthony_stachowitz for your tip. I just also asked it in the Telegram channel.

Ok, Goodluck!