New Stake-pool Operator (still setting up) - Question reg Alonzo hard fork

I’m still fairly new to the community and developer portal(s), documentation, etc, so forgive me if I have simply missed something in my education :slight_smile:

Currently setting up a new staking pool, taking the time it takes to learn and do it correctly, securely, and with long-term plans. With the potential of the Alonzo hard fork upcoming in Sep (from what I gathered from the recent video update by Charles Hoskinson) what steps will be required at that time for pool operators? Where could I find documentation on that so I’m ready?


You’ll have to update to the latest version of the node. There will be plenty of announcements - you can’t miss it.

Feel free to join the xSPO alliance for help setting things up.

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cool, thank you both for the replies. What are the best channels to be following for these sorts of ann’s and any other critical info for pool operators? I’m not on social media, so would prefer using just 1 “best” if I had to get onto a social media platform.

@ADA4Good where would I do that? Thanks!

Oh sorry forgot the discord link:

There is also a post here about it.

And there is also the general cardano discord:

Awesome! Thank you so much, I’ll join these later today :slight_smile:

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