Full Video Guide: Setup A Cardano Stake Pool (Using CoinCashew & Ubuntu LTS)

Hey everyone, last week I decided to throw together a full stake pool guide video for aspiring SPOs (using CoinCashew, LTS, & Bare Metal Hardware).

This community was SUCH a big help when I first started out late last year. By making this guide, I wanted to share some of the knowledge you all helped me learn. I could not have done any of this without you guys!

I hope my video helps some of the newer operators get a basic grasp on how to setup & maintain their pools. I’m open to feedback if any of you notice inefficiencies in my workflow or processes.

Thank you Cardano community!

Link: How To Setup A Cardano STAKE POOL (FULL GUIDE) - YouTube

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Great work buddy! That’s very informative for newcomers

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Thank you John! I appreciate hearing that :+1: