Hey Guys - Introducing my stake pool [DAVID] - Creating informative and educational content

Hey guys, this is an introduction to my stake pool.

My name is David and I’m running my stake pool with the goal of being able to produce informative, educational, and entertaining content about Cardano.

Of course first and foremost I want to make sure the pool operates effectively and efficiently to produce stable reliable rewards. I think we can agree most stake pools plan to make this a top priority, but beyond just operating a service a I want to contribute to the community and help it grow.

Making videos takes a lot of time and generates almost no monetary return so in order to make this sustainable I need your help. Your delegations to my pool means I can keep making the content I’ve been making and continue to give back to the Cardano community in the way I feel I best can.

Thank you for your consideration!

Here is my YouTube Channel and a link to one of my more popular videos about Cardano - I want to make more videos like this:

Below are my pool details and you can chat with me and others in my telegram channel here:

Pool Details:
Name: David Likes Crypto ADA Stakepool
Ticker: DAVID
Pool Id: 8e9c37a1516b8adee6dc20168b475a611db86b79cc0280ee376a3860
Fixed Fee: 340ADA
Var. Fee: 5%
Pledge: 35,000

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