Introducing Omega Stakepool

Hey Folks!

A little late to the ITN game, but wanted to take a brief moment to introduce my staking pool, Omega. Unfortunately I did not have any ADA prior to the snapshot, but the community has been great in helping me get started. Once we’re on Mainnet (great news today!), I will be pledging some of my own ADA to get the ball rolling.

If you’re interested, head on over and delegate some tADA to OMEGA!



Welcome @f1ddlestick5,
funny handle/user name btw.

I like how you’ve presented your stake pool, well designed website, well written, neat name and branding (why omega? i’m curious to learn).

while having a stake pool to add to decentralisation is good, it’ll soon not be enough. so hopefully soon it can establish/manifest a cause or mission or vision! Ω

Thank you @misteraxyz, I appreciate it!

I can’t say it was something specific about Omega that made me choose it. I was mulling around a few different names and brands to create around that name, and Omega just felt like a good fit.

I agree with your second point, and really look forward to see the different types of initiatives we pool operators/owners can come up.

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Crisp, clean and straight to the point Awesome my friend.

Hey, would you mind you explaining how in get involved in staking Cardano or if I’d be eligible? I am a few weeks new, I hold Cardano on EToro currently, am I too late ? Would I exchange the coins to ethereum , and then another wallet, then back to ada to hold there? Would appreciate any help! Thank you :pray:

Yes you’re too late to take part in the current testnet. Also, last I heard, with eToro you don’t actually own ada, it’s a CFD (true for most of their products). I was with them at one time, my strong advice would be to do what I did, sell all assets, withdraw cash, then buy ada on a regular exchange (you might have to buy another coin such as BTC or ETH first then trade that for ada).

Any more questions, please find an appropriate thread or start a new one, using one thread for multiple issues messes up the forum, makes searching difficult.

It’s not too late at all smart guy , straight from Cardano you just have to have ads in deadalus or yoiro by early August . And I’ll post in any forum I want :fu:

I said “too late to take part in the current testnet”, which is absolutely true, and has been since the end of November. I can’t stop you posting anywhere you want, but if you keep messing up threads and being unnecessarily offensive you’ll get little or no respect in here, and could be sanctioned (not by me).

Here here, respect is a valuable attribute to posses :metal:

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Sir, i asked a sincere question about staking and you answered something I didn’t ask. Second of all, you were the one being disrespectful to a new person trying to learn. Show some respect and ,you’ll get respect. you got the response you were looking for. Dont be a high and mighty ahole. We are all hoping Cardano blows up, don’t pull some message board BSon me, I could care less.

If anyone’s interested they can scroll up a little bit and see for themselves who said what. I’m very happy to leave it at that.