Warm Hello from Denmark!

Interested to stake my ADAs in a pool should official pools come out.
contact me if you need one more team player!


Welcome to the forum!, we surely can use another team player, there is a list of pools here List of Cardano / ADA staking pools

Thanks for that… these arent official pools yet right? or are they now…

There is no officially recognized pool for staking.
These on the list are pools that will be operated by community members, staking has not begun yet, some of them may never be launched I would guess, but it is a good place to start.
Several of the pools on the list I have good faith in, I was not aware that there would be “official” pools… kind of defeats the decentralized vision, might be officially recognized pools, but what do I know… (so much information to stay on top of).

The above does not say that IOHK will be setting up an official pool, I think they will maintain a list of legitimate pools that could be recommended to interested holders of ADA that wish to stake.
An immense amount of work has gone into the structure of staking, and pools are expected to be structured to benefit the validation process of Ouroboros, but nothing is set in stone yet, it would surprise me to see “official” pools though, that just does not sound decentralized to me, anyone can correct me if I am wrong, but the aim here is to be decentralized and “official” pools kind of has that centralized ring to it.

I believe the “official staking pool website” mentioned above is the one that’s about to close, to register people who want to participate in the testnet pools trials. “Official” there applies to the website, not to the pools. When everything is up-and-running anyone can run a pool and, whether or not some are run by CF/IOHK/whoever, they’ll all be of equal status. Though I suppose some sort of registration will be required so a pool can be delegated to via Daedalus.

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@thealos I come across this again and thought you might like it

Following is an excerpt from the blog confirming the reply from @RobJF :
Briefly, anyone can run a stake pool. There isn’t a minimum threshold of Ada or a special club. Rather, there will be a blockchain-based registration system and a special transaction type to register a stake pool on-chain. Registered pools will be listed in the delegation center of Daedalus and pulled directed from the Cardano blockchain thereby preventing censorship or bias.

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Hi Haskell-plus. Of the list of pools in the link you posted are there any you recommend? Also where would I find more info on staking? Thanks

@Mw_cryptocurious I do have a preference but the staking design has evolved since I developed it, I will reserve my pool recommendation until after staking begins.
I personally plan to spread my stake around on different pools until/unless I have reason to consolidate for the purpose of community consensus on issue’s that the ADA holders will be voting on.
If you are planning to stake immediately than a safe bet would be to stake with one of the pools that registered and participated in the pool testing :slightly_smiling_face:
When choosing a pool you want to be sure that the server running the pool will be operational at all times without down time (with consideration of common possibilities of technical failure), this way if ADA you stake is chosen as slot leader you reduce the chance of missing out on reward.
Shoot me a message when staking begins and I will gladly give you my 2LL on the matter :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good! Thanks @anon20038177 that is good information and it makes sense. I am interested in staking some of my ADA but I don’t think I am going to do it immediately. If you wouldn’t mind sharing the pool you are going to stake with, that would be great. I’d appreciate it. I think the pool registration ended last night so I’m assuming staking will begin here soon…?

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:cardano: Welcome :cardano:!

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Hello Thealos, great to see you on here, welcome