Staking Pool Registration is Live!

Starting in Q3 2018, decentralisation features will be tested with community participation through testnets and then released to the mainnet in stages.

I am not sure if we should interpret the above as a delay or not…


This is a delay for sure…


I don’t have the ability or knowledge to run a stake pool but I’m interested in delegating. I assume once stake pools are live and running then there will be another update letting us know within Daedalus that delegation is available?


Yes, but it’s best to pre-register with a stake pool first, so you can be notified via e-mail. Here is an unofficial list List of Cardano / ADA staking pools

We are building a page dedicated to the Staking Pool List on

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I honestly thought that we could start delegating in Q2. maybe it was wishful thinking and I misunderstood the whole thing, maybe it was a bit ambiguous on purpose on their part so they have time to make it right.

Any particular one?

This was the plan… looks like its q3 now

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It’s really a personal choice, but you can’t go wrong with, it’s a staking pool project launched by the very people contracted by IOHK (a team of russian engineers called Serokell) to build Cardano SL, the Settlement Layer.

There are other good pools with serious people behind as well . Keep in mind that PoS is an experiment and that for now most people don’t know exactly what will be the fees / rewards which are still being discussed internally

Ok thanks!

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They always planned to deploy Shelley in Q2-Q3. Deployment of something this serious is not done by a couple of days. Pools registration is part of Shelley deployment. So Q2 is just started, and along with it started the beginning of the complex deployment process. No delay here.


Shelley’s deadline on cardanoroadmap was Q2. It was changed last month, to q2-q3 and the release of this The deadline for staking pool tests was delayed from jan to… may…


I missed that last month change, thanks

Yeah I think we are going to experience many delays on the whole project through out time, Charles think he can do it all by 2020… To a point where he is done and can just go retired… lol… I say no chance in hell… He far underestimates the time things take… Even as a non-developer it just doesn’t seem right that it can all be done by 2020, specially when many of the solutions are not even made yet… You never hit full green-lights, and just looking at things, it seems to be moving to slow for 2020 completion… I am sure it will be faster than most other projects though… I do have experience with software development though, I dont think I’ve ever seen a project hit deadline with everything that was planned included… I always take a dev estimations and time them with 3, It is a good rule of thumb, and works very well.

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If the deadline for staking pool tests was originally scheduled for January…I think the IOHK team was “optimistically” over-reaching… the main net was barely completed in August-September 2017…from the Byron roadmap: “Since we released Cardano at the end of September, as well as working on Byron the team have been planning the requirements and making preparations for Shelley.”…If they were “planning requirements and making preparations” at the beginning of October 2017, I find it unrealistic to have a Stake pool testnet ready in January…

My mindset for staking is Q4 at least, that way I’m not going to get too disappointed or frustrated


Agreed !..I am being optimistic, I am rooting for decentralization by September 30…I need the team to deliver…and then I will jump on a few FUD spreaders in Youtube… :rofl:


Are you sure Q3? Says start community test net in Q3 then roll to main net in stages…to me that opens up possibilities that we won’t have open functioning staking until Q4. If that is the case it would be best for them to clarify intentions now. That would not fit with previous claims that by the end of the year Cardano would be functioning as a challenge to Ethereum with contracts?

From: Throughout Q2 and Q3 of 2018 the features of Shelley will be released, starting with delegation and stake pool testnets.

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Sure, but that’s only test net not functioning main net. Is there a quote anywhere that says main net staking pools deployment will be done by “date?”

I was also confused why such low % change on paper wallets…I thought that was much closer?

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