5.04.2018 Roadmap update including staking pools and new IOHK video

Hello all :slight_smile:

There has been an exciting update today to the Cardano Roadmap which you can see here.

Highlights include the release of the staking pools registration which you can see here.

Also, a feedback form for Daedalus 0.9.0 and Cardano 1.1.0 Release. You can find this here.

Last but not least, IOHK have released a new video, Runtime Verification; Prof. Grigore Roșu CEO. You can watch this below!

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Great news! Can’t wait to explore the testnet.

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Awesome! Signed up for testnet.

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After watching again the video from the previous Shelley update (Dr Duncan Coutts)…everything looks like is going as planned…
This is how I see it from a PM perspective:

Q2 Started April 1:

"Parties interested in running a stake pool in the Shelley testnet are invited to register by completing the following form between April 5 and April 31, 2018.
First week of May: “Shortly after registration closes, IOHK will provide details about when selected stake pools will be visible in Daedalus as part of the testnet. These will include associated user documentation and feedback channels.”
Pools selected sometime in May and early June
Before June (Sometime in May): Open Ouroboros Delegation should be done (100%)…in order to have community participation using the wallet for delegation to the stake pools in the testnet
June 30…everything is lined up for testnet with community participation

**Q3 Starts (July 1 – September 30)**

July 1 : “Starting in Q3 2018, decentralisation features will be tested with community participation through testnets and then released to the mainnet in stages”
August 1 - September 30: “Releasing to mainnet”….by September 30 all are released…fully decentralized
Roadmap achieved (Decentralization) by September 30 (the minimum # of nodes are released to mainnet)
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Romanian team kicks ass :sunglasses:
IELE is a game changer - watch the video friends, I am so excited about this


i did register for staking on the testnet twice … didn,t get any email confirmation in both times ?

is it OK ?

Hi @botros - I’m just checking about the process for you (whether you should get an email confirmation or not)…

@botros I can confirm there is a confirmation screen but not email confirmation. If I can assist with anything else, please let me know :slight_smile:

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From https://staking.cardano.org/registration/

I am aware that my data will be visible for other stake pool registrants and for IOHK employees in order to contact me to support this exploratory testnet.
There are no other recipients of my personal data apart from IOHK and IOHK’s data processors, including Google, as according to Article 28 of the GDPR.

@jonmoss Could you please specify exactly in the Terms and Conditions section what data you will be sharing with other participants? Does it include name or email address?

@FairCopy Will check for you and confirm here :slight_smile:

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Hi there…the stakepool process is currently still being defined, including how stakepools will be presented in Daedalus. IOHK also seek an interactive dialogue directly with, and amongst participants as part of the testnet and will open communication channels to support this effort.