Cardano Progress Update (July)


Thanks for the update Sebastien.

  • Cardano 1.3
    • Finished, going through QA right now.
    • Will be released in August.
    • Network improvements, faster block syncing. Maybe Connecting to Network fixes as well (source here).
  • Cardano 1.4
    • Big update.
    • Coming around October.
    • Complete rewrite of Cardano, learning from past mistakes.
    • This relese will allow e.g. hardware wallets and light client support to be built into Daedalus.
  • Prometheus
    • Reimplementation of Cardano in Rust.
    • Competing client to the Haskell reference implementation.
    • It’s going great.
    • Some companies outside of Emurgo and IOHK have started to build on it.
  • Decentralization
    • Delegation paper is done, now looking for conference submissions to get it peer reviewed.
    • Delegation specification nearing completion. Preview in the video. This is one of the main things needed for the staking testnet.
  • Linux
    • There’s only an old Daedalus release for Linux right now, which sucks.
    • IOHK has done a lot of research over the past few months on Linux compilation.
    • The goal is to have a Linux release with every Windows release.
  • Daedalus App Platform
    • Daedalus will have 3rd party plugins.
    • Proof of concept under construction.
    • Increases ecosystem of Daedalus.
    • Progress on this is included in the Weekly Technical Reports.
  • IELE Testnet
  • KEVM Testnet
    • KLab tool, which makes smart contract verification and behavior analysis possible, to avoid unexpected outcomes.
  • Shelley testnet
    • Not quite ready, but it will be, around September.
    • Doesn’t mean staking testnet, just a general Cardano Settlement Layer testnet to play around with.
  • Research