Cardano Testnet Release

IOHK is pleased to announce the release of the Cardano testnet, where developers and end users of Daedalus wallet can explore new features before they are deployed on the mainnet.

Using the testnet benefits both IOHK’s engineers and third-party developers. Users can use test tokens to experiment with the existing system and learn how to use upcoming features with no risk of losing funds and with no cost. IOHK will receive feedback from users which allows us to deploy improvements to the testnet ahead of the mainnet launch.

For more details, please see the Cardano testnet website:

The Cardano testnet has been released with Cardano 1.4, which consists of Daedalus 0.12.0 and Cardano SL 2.0.0. This release includes a new wallet backend with new v1 API, as well as wallet data migration. Please see full release notes here. This release will be deployed on the Cardano mainnet when testing is complete.



Great news!!!


@hayamoto_jr I believe our bet is still on… till Cardano 2.0 is released as mainmet. Agree?

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Yes, of course. Testnet release doesn’t count. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just tested on MX Linux and it works flawlessly!


here we go

Cheers! But what is special about 1.4 (again)? Since too long I heard about it…


we need mainnet asap otherwise ada will loose its market.

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All works perfectly.
From account creation, paper wallet creation/restoration.
I would deploy a faucet on mainnet as well…


1.4 was renamed to 2.0

A more robust backend wallet that would improve considerably some Daedalus features if i understand it well

Please, would you point to me what actually could we test ?

I checked it out, pushed all the buttons and realized that it is really for developers, I look forward to a good answer to your question.
I assume someone that can understand the code in the files and writes code would be able to use the Native React package Emurgo put together to test something they build that interacts with the Cardano blockchain, hopefully (fingers crossed) we might see something like a pay with ada app or a tip with ada app or something come from the testnet - fingers crossed and hoping, I really don’t know if any of that is possible.

Finger crossed :crossed_fingers:
Thank you so much for your disponibility, i really appreciate

Is the wallet going to be more friendly to updates? As of now I cant get mine to open after the last update. Garbage. Tens of thousands of ada locked up.

So awesome to see developments like this. I’m excited to look around.

You should start a new topic giving as much information as you can (not “won’t open” but exactly what happens, which OS, etc) here: