New to the community and want to delegate

Hello there.

I’m totally new to Crypto world and Cardano is my first choice after so much research.

I am so overwhelmed with how things are being developed every moment.

I am starting to get how delegation and staking work.

I have one question, I have my ADA in Daedalus Mainnet and nothing in the Daedalus Reward wallet. When Shelly will be launched, will I be able to sync those ADA from the mainnet to Shelly Mainnet?

Or how does it work?

Thanks in advance.

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Shelley will be part of the mainnet. so just sit tight and relax until everything is complete.

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Hey, as soon as mainnet arrives there will be a new daedalus wallet version with staking option. Your current daedalus version will prompt you to update to the latest version. That’s basically it and you don’t need to do anything else. The complicated stuff happens behind the scenes.


Thank you very much.

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