It is coming

Hi. I already asked that at reddit but didnt clear evertyhing so I am also asking here.

So we are so close to turn in to Shelley era. I’ve got three question about my ADA and places where I got it. I got some on Yoroi + ledger nano s(last time update around 3-4 months), deadlus wallet(not one for the main net) and some on binance

What do I have to do with:

  1. Yoroi + ledger nano s
  2. Deadlus
  3. Binance

I would like to participate in Staking and I wouldn’t like to miss anything. Do I have to dowload deadlus versiojn for mainnet and move there all of my ada for a snap shoot? I dont have deadlus at my second computer so I can install it there and move from everywhere there. Is it necessary? I woudlt prefer to keep all my ADA at yoroi ledger nano s.

Thanks for help!

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When Shelley gets released, there is nothing like a snapshot. You can buy ada at anytime and delegate it to a pool. Im pretty sure that at the begin its only possible to stake via Daedalus and Yoroi. I’d rather no try to stake via Binance because you get less rewards and its totaly against what we stand for. Better take it off the exchange and strengthens our network.


I dont want stack via binance. I just didnt send yet ada which i bought in the past.

So… I can send all of my ada to that yoroi ledger nanos s wallet, just wait for the shelley and everything will be alright. Right?

Correct. :slight_smile:


Ok, thank you very much for help

I was under the impression that the deadalus wallet is the “official” ada wallet and in the future will be running Dapps? Am I mistaken about that?

No you are right. Daedalus is the offical wallet from IOG and Yoroi is the offical wallet from Emurgo.

Daedalus = full node wallet
Yoroi = lightweight wallet