Yoroi to Daedalus

Hi! There’s probably already an answer to my simple question, which I couldn’t find. So here’s my case. I created my first wallet in Yoroi, and now I want to use Daedalus. Do I just restore my Yoroi wallet in Daedalus using seed, or best to create a new Daedalus wallet and transfer all my ADA from Yoroi to it? Thanks!

Both options are fine as long no one will have access to the seed words or spending password (and download daedalus/yoroi only from official sources)

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Thanks for the prompt reply, Alex! Got it, keep them seeds to myself.

I forgot to mention that I have my ADA in Yoroi delegated to a stake pool, though. Which would you advise me to do with this situation? Restore or create new? Thank you.

How you will feel more confortable, but if you will create a new wallet then you will need to delegate the new daedalus wallet, keep one ada on yoroi and wait 2 epochs more (the rewards are delayed by 2 epochs so you will still receive rewards on yoroi for the next 2 epochs) then withdraw the rewards, deregister the stake address and then u can move the rest of the funds to daedalus

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Awesome. Thank you so much once again!

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