Otoro Staking Pool 🏝

Aloha World & GoodVibeTribe

Its jsolx stake pool operator for Otoro Staking Pool. Just wanted to throw a small intro about Otoro Pool and myself. I remember not too long ago i was just here leaving myself a forum intro haha, anyways I’m still learning & I’ve been following cardano since day half lol so why the name Otoro cause its the best quality biggest fish in a even bigger ocean haha and it just reminds me of home :desert_island: but i can go deeper haha. let us know more about you & lets stake with otoro. :cut_of_meat::fish:

• FIXED FEE: 340 $ADA per epoch
•WEBSITE: https://solxjon.wixsite.com/otoro
•TWITTER: www.twitter.com/otoropool
•POOL Infrastructure: cloud base & two fully built gaming PCs for servers and nodes for both worlds of security. Im Still learning but I’ve been coding and been around computers for about 10+ years . I always read about security and try to measure 10times before cutting. Ive also mined other cryptocurrency in the past and came up successful in running nodes and hardware/software maintaining them 24/7/365.

I appreciate everyones time for reading this i wanna keep building and learning. So to all existing delegators and future delegators for otoro lets stake & enjoy life. :cut_of_meat::fish::desert_island:



Glad to see your pool up and running!

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thank you bros for everything wouldn’t be possible without you. hopefully i can keep pushing to get more tx and blocks.

Good luck with your pool!

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thank you. & you also.

I noticed you are using a WIX site to host the JSON file. It’s currently not working for me unless you changed it since posting the message last year. It you have it working on a WIX site, can you tell me how you got it to work?

Thanks in advance!