Some Cool Pools!

Hey All!

I know a lot of people are looking for pools to delegate to atm, including me, so I’ve decided to share the research I’ve done for myself so far (it’s incomplete and unreliable, so check for yourselves :wink: ).

My own priorities when choosing a pool op (these are not requirements, but preferences) -

  1. Support decentralization and Cardano’s values. Actively contributing to the community.
  2. Pool reliability, performance, and fees.
  3. Ran a pool on the ITN.

I’ve takes ROS and pool fee from this sheet kindly provided by @timo89.

I’m only sharing my personal, partial, flawed impressions, no recommendations included (also, I’ve talked to some of these operators, but am not affiliated with any).

So here we go (no particular order) -

Ticker ITN ROS Mainnet Var. Fee (pooltool) Op Geo Website
D360 10.4% 3% :us:
HDLS* 8.2% 3% :czech_republic:
HAPPY/MERRY 10.20%/10.13% 2.5%/- :kr:
DIGI/DIGI2 10.7%/11.27% 3%/3% :us:
DUCK 9.8% 2.99% :netherlands: ?
ANP 11.9% 2.5% :norway:
ATADA* 9.3% 2% :austria:
TRUE 11.6% 2.5% :de:
NUTS 8.6% 4.9% :czech_republic:
HEX 12.75% 4.2% :romania:
CLIO1 10.8% 2.5% :it:
SCAR 7.33% 1.99% :us:
CRDNS 9.08% 2% :czech_republic:
LOVE 11.59% 3% :us:
VIPER 11.15% 2% :us:
MASP 10.43% 3% :netherlands:
CPX 9.61% 1% :us:
BLOOM (PEYAD) 11.1% 5% :us:

*- Less than 100 blocks on the ITN.

Don’t go for the saturated ones :wink: .
I hope all the details are correct, and please let me know if you spot any errors.
Hope this will help somebody :tophat::womans_hat:.

EDIT: Added several pools and decided to introduce a rule for this post:
Only individuals not affiliated with a staking pool should propose new additions.
I think that will be more in the spirit of my original post. Thank you!


Thanks for being mentioned. CLIO1 is based in Italy

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Updated @werkof :wink: .

Thank you for mentioning my pool!
Note that the spreadsheet I posted contains two sheets: “ITN” (with all the pools) and “ITN - Pools with at least 100 blocks minted” where statistical outliers have been filtered out

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Thanks @timo89, I missed that. Post updated to reflect pools with <100 blocks on ITN.
Loved the sheet btw :wink: .

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Updated with mainnet Var. Fees.

How about adding our pool to that list. CPX,
Also on ITN with good performance and values.

I know @bigpey has produced a video outlining all the different parameters and how knowining these can serve you well @rin9s, thx for sharing your thoughts. :vulcan_salute:

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Hey @Ahmad_Alkilani, welcome to the forum!
I’m sorry, but I can’t add your pool to the list at this time because I don’t know it.

First steps to consider which can help the community get to know your pool -

  1. Posting on the " Stake Pool Introductions" category (there’s a nice guide for that).
  2. Add more info about the pool setup and its operators on the pool’s website.

Generally speaking I would be happy to make this a community thread, but I think only people who are not affiliated with any pools should endorse pools here, and not operators.

That’s my 2c, but like I said, this list is just to share my own personal inclinations. :pray::dove:


Added stake pool intro for CPX today. Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

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Hello rin9s,

Great post! My pool Bloom meets all of your requirements. I just had a name change since the ITN, my ITN stakepool was called Pey ADA. I ran this pool since epoch 3 in the ITN.


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Thank you guys so much for your interest! Here’s what I’m going to do,
I’ve added both CPX and BLOOM to the the list -

  • BLOOM - Because it really seems like the general profile of the pools I would choose to delegate with.

  • CPX - Because it seems to have the potential of being such a pool. Consider this as a vote of confidence @Ahmad_Alkilani, that you will treat the community respectfully and honor Cardano’s values as a pool op (I have faith you will).

From this point on however, I will only consider adding to the list -
Pools who are endorsed by someone unaffiliated with said pools, Kiva style.
I’m sure you understand. I really hope newcomers to the ecosystem would see the value in such a compilation.


Thanks for the vote of confidence @rin9s
Do you have enough details to pull up the ITN ROS or would you like some help with that?

Thanks again!

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Thank you for adding me to the list, I do have those things that you requested.

Looks like GREEN pool is retired - happy to take their place

We’re new also and did not participate in ITN - our pool is small but it has a good setup operated by competent SPO - feel free to check us out.


Thanks for the heads up @ADABros!
You do seem like a cool pool, but no self promotions I’m afraid, just by reference. :pray:

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Hi all,

Looking to delegate?
Ticker: STRM
Pool ID: 3b40156bab70f436f85a870d2da38021c44dd3b15a16ccf3a20424e2

STRM-4-ADA Staking Pool



Welcome to the forum @mav3r1ck!
There’s a “Pool Introductions” category actually, and you can create your own post under that category to intro your pool.

Let’s keep this thread tidy, thanks! And good luck with your pool!

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Maybe include some type of longevity requirement instead of ITN? Moving forward having ITN only, that would exclude any new pools ever from entering the list. Maybe 6mo+ active staking with reliable stats?

Makes sense @mraybin, I think I’ll do that towards the end of the year.

I hope I’ll get to maintain the list as we move forward, but so far nobody has even recommended any new pools, only pool ops testifying on their own behalf :frowning: .