About the stake pool introductions category

Dedicated stake pool introduction category – Please read guidelines carefully before creating any new posts!

You are welcome to introduce your Cardano stake pool in the “Stake Pool Introduction” section. Please make sure to read these guidelines first.

This category will be the only category used for stake pool introductions on our social media platforms.

This section is to provide you with a designated place to introduce the community to your stake pool. It will allow users to get to know a bit more about your pool than what is displayed on Daedalus, pooltool.io, adapools.org, AdaStat and other such sources.

This stake pool introductions section is designed to be concise and succinct and, therefore, the following rules must be strictly adhered to:

  • Pools must copy and fill out the template below to use for their introduction, which should be made in a separate forum post in the “Stake Pool Introductions” section;
  • Pools must not post more than one introductory post (multiple posts from the same stake pool (operators) will be removed and users warned;
  • Comments not related to stake pool introductions will be removed and users warned;
  • Any stake pool introductions outside of this Forum section will be removed and users warned;
  • Any excessive marketing, unauthorised use of Cardano and the Cardano Foundation trademarks, and inflated or unrealistic reward promises will be removed and users warned;
  • No pool is endorsed by the Cardano Foundation. Any pool stating otherwise will be removed and users warned.

Stake pool introduction template:

  • First create a new post, and write the topic title as follows: “Introducing [enter Pool name] [enter pool ticker]” (feel free to add tags, too)

See above note on formatting, copy everything below here and edit the necessary fields – remember to replace the heading ‘enter pool name’ with your pool name.

  • At the top of the new post, please introduce yourself (not the pool).

  • Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee (Enter your ticker, pledge (if applicable), fixed fee and variable fee.)

  • Website (if applicable) Enter website

  • Contact (if applicable) Enter contact details

  • Pool ID / hash Enter pool ID

  • Location Enter your country and city

  • Pool infrastructure Describe what equipment you’re running on. Hardware / operating internet system / internet speeds etc.

  • Pool redundancy (if applicable) Describe any redundancy mechanisms you have in place if you face any downtime. What makes your pool reliable for users?

  • Operator experience Describe your technical experience and what makes you competent as a pool operator.

  • Why should users check out your pool? Use this part to put your stake pool in the spotlights.
    (Answer questions such as: What are your long-term goals as a pool operator? Do you offer any secondary or tertiary services to users? Why did you choose to build a business within the Cardano ecosystem? Can users monitor the state of your pool anywhere? Please keep the length of this content reasonable (no more than a few paragraphs).)

Thank you for your time and effort introducing your stake pool to the Cardano community. We would also like to thank you for your supporting the Cardano blockchain.

If there are any questions, concerns, ideas or otherwise, please reach out to one of our Ambassadors active on the Forum, or the Cardano Foundation’s Community Management Team member.

(Disclaimer: this document is a WIP and may change here and there.)