Introducing Viper Stake Pool [VIPER]

VIPER Stake Pool

Hey everyone! This is Dylan and Willie from the Viper team. We’d like to introduce ourselves via the pool introduction video we made during the incentivized testnet. Please take a minute to watch the video and then come back. We’ll wait!

Okay, now that you’ve gotten to know us, we’ll introduce you to the VIPER stake pool:

Ticker Pledge Fixed Fee Variable Fee
VIPER 201k 340 ADA (minimum) 2%

Contact Email Twitter Telegram channel
Pool ID/Hash d69b6b16c6a135c4157365ded9b0d772d44c7628a05b49741d3ae25c
Location New Mexico, United States

Pool Infrastructure
Redundant Linux cloud servers in multiple regions. We have developed a custom docker container for the cardano-node executable which allows us to quickly deploy and scale our pool infrastructure as needed. (We have open-sourced this code for the rest of the Cardano community. More information is available on our website. We have also developed an open-source python library for interfacing with the cardano nodes.)

Pool Redundancy
We operate multiple, redundant pool nodes in the United States and Europe to improve connectivity and availability.

Operator Experience
We are engineers with advanced degrees and over 20 years experience in research and development. Through the development of high-performance simulations and high-consequence, high-reliability hardware systems, we have spent a great deal of time administrating Linux servers, much like the ones we use to operate our stake pools. We successfully operated the VIPER pool throughout the incentivized testnet (ITN) and learned how to adapt to network issues, which is valuable experience that we are bringing with us to mainnet.

Why users should delegate to this pool
We are passionate about supporting the Cardano community, and we frequently post guides and tutorials on staking and operating stake pools, like How to Choose a Stake Pool and How to Stake using Daedalus Wallet. We have open and transparent communication for all our delegators in our active Telegram channel, so you can always ask questions and get support. We have also written a Telegram bot that publishes reports of scheduled slots, blocks minted in the previous epoch, and return on stake statistics at the start of every epoch.


Good luck with your pool, I hope it is a success!

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Hello @Viper_Stake-Pool

I have had an excellent time reading the interesting educational content on your stake pool website. Thank you very much for that.

I hope your pool progresses. It more than deserves it.


By the way, my respects for the transparency you maintain in these posts.

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Thank you, we’re very happy people find our nerdy posts useful! :nerd_face:

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Yes, some are technical but with high educational value. In fact, I would like to translate a couple of articles into Spanish… only if you allow me.

Of course, please do!

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