Staker Space pool [ #SPACE ]

Hello Everyone!

The moment is finally here!!! We are slowly moving Cardano to a decentralized cryptocurrency and we are honored of being a part of it.

Just a small intro about us. Staker Space started of as a hobby project (one of Charles video’s brought us on the idea) and currently we are validating in the top PoS networks. Staker Space is based in the Netherlands. The goal is to do one thing right, which is providing up-time with the right machines and security.

The reason the hobby expanded from experimenting to being a devoted node-operator, is because the belief the these truth machines will be future infrastructure that we rely on for our data, finances and much more. Securing this is our duty and we have a high interest in continuously getting better at it.

As it’s our duty to maintain up-time, we also see it as a duty of the community and it’s delegates to honor the decentralization of pools and the protocol. Every protocol is trying to overcome this centralization, but it also come with a lot of education and believe it’s our task a community to pick this up. . If you have any questions about our operation, how to delegate, or anything else you can get in touch with us. Looking forward Epoch 1 and your delegations!

Best, Ilhan
The world will be decentralized

Our Specs and parameters:

  • 3 relays, all in different European countries with different cloud providers.
    • 8GB, 4CPU
  • Block producer is in a secure location under our control -
    • Bare metal server
  • Currently our Fee is 1%, not planning to change this short term as long as it covers our cost and time.
  • Our Pledge: 250K ADA


More info:


Hi Ilhan, good luck with your pool!

Just nitpicking, but this would make more sense:

3 relays, all in different European countries with different cloud providers.

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Thank you for the best wishes and thanks for the edit, adjusted the post.

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