Introducing colonystake [COL]

Hello everyone,

My name is Bert, a space enthusiast with a keen interest in computer IT and art. I firmly believe that money control should be separated from politics, just as religion has been for several decades in the Western world.

I am excited to introduce my Cardano stake pool, COLONYSTAKE with ticker COL


Below some details:
Ticker: COL
Pledge: 5000 ADA
Fixed fee: 340 ADA
Variable fee: 0 ADA
Contact: , , this Cardano forum
Pool ID/hash: 590a6b0c770c7937343a8093bcf0ac40a7e0592c07f230fa45df0f83
Location: Kortrijk, Belgium (Pool located in Germany)

Pool infrastructure:
Two nodes (1 block producer, 1 relay node),

each with the following specifications:

  • Six cores clocking in at 2.8 GHz ~ 3.2 GHz each
  • 16GB RAM
  • 400 Mbit/s network
  • 400 GB SSD storage

Pool redundancy: I plan to add a second relay server setup in Brazil or Canada to ensure maximum uptime, decentralisation and reliability.

Operator experience: I have experience in programming games in C#, website building, and pipeline streamline development for 3D applications using Python and Max script. I love problem-solving and learning new things in general helping me to keep the pool up-and-running.

Why should users check out my pool?
I am committed to donating a portion of the potential gains to an organization that supports kids in pursuing a technical career in space exploration. I chose Cardano because everything built on it is supported by a technical whitepaper. I align with their long-term vision and their approach of building slowly but robustly. Plus, Cardano’s staking mechanism is simply the best out there :wink:

Thank you for considering COLONYSTAKE COL. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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Congratulations on your pool introduction post! As a fellow pool operator, I know how much work goes into building a successful stake pool. We at CoralPool (CORAL) wish you all the best and hope to see your pool grow and thrive. Let’s continue to support each other and strengthen the Cardano community together! :blush:

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