Introducing Crypto Colony Pool [CCP]

Ahoy! :man_astronaut: :woman_astronaut:

We are cryptocurrencies enthusiasts from Czech Republic who create educational animated videos and tutorials through YouTube channel CryptoColony. We are constantly looking for ways to expand our colony to gain bigger public impact as well as satisfy the needs of our community. This is the way.

  • CCP / 21,000 / 240 / 0%
  • Crypto Colony — A unique colony of crypto adopters!
  • pool1vwquf4wt465lhketcy2j7jwpz5l6l0ce6a79ga3y4wg7gc8egp0 (6381c4d5cbaea9fbdb2bc1152f49c1153fafbf19d77c547624ab91e4)
  • Klatovy, Czech Republic
  • 3x VPS (2x vCPU, vRAM 4GB), Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, 1x BP + 2x RL (We plan to add more nodes as the pool grows.​​​​​​​)
  • We use multiple data centers (based in New York and Stockholm) with redundant internet connection, UPS and diesel-powered generators in backup. There is a guaranteed 99,99% uptime.
  • The main pool operator is software engineer which has advanced Linux experience.
  • Our goal is to become reliable part of the Cardano network. Each delegator can become in addition a part of the Colony and get access to our community. We have chosen to stake ADA as the most promising decentralized alternative to the FIAT system. We are fully transparent and you can contact us through the social networks.