Introducing AdaCryptoPool [ACP1 & ACP2]

Hi everyone,

We are AdaCryptoPool. Cardano came under our radar in late 2017 and after watching many of Charles Hoskinson’s live streams, Ted Talk and seeing the calibre of people he’s put together to build the Cardano network, we decided to pull the trigger in 2018 and pick up a bag of ADA. At the time we thought of just being ADA hodl’ers but it soon became apparent that we can play an active role in helping to run and secure the Cardano network. So here we are…

  • Ticker: ACP1 & ACP2

  • Pledge: ACP1=250K ADA, ACP2=250K ADA

  • Fixed Fee: 340 ADA (for each pool)

  • Variable Fee: 3% (for each pool)

  • Website:

  • Pool ID: ACP1=6e67b485616dc8a604e02a96b1efbf4c6c49919eea39c6805901e2df, ACP2=688548655448745d74c4b61da7383127ea9b56b2c6944ca7e3071893

  • Pool Infrastructure: Each pool runs on an Ubuntu 20.04 Linux VPS with 4 core CPU, 8GB RAM, 200GB SSD, 200 Mbit/s port Unlimited Traffic and is DDoS protected. The 2 pools are geo-dispersed and each have 2 relays and 1 block producer.

  • Why should you stake with us: With over 20 years in the IT industry from software development (web and desktop applications), database administration, cloud (SAAS, PAAS), DevOps and more, you can be assured that you’re staking with the right team.

Thank you to all our existing and future delegators.


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One of our pools (ACP1) just minted it’s first block (

Come on ACP2 - you can do it :slight_smile:

Congratulations on minting your first block!

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Thanks mate

Good luck with your pool… Wish you success

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Thanks, appreciate it

We minted another block 2 hours ago (

Once again, thank you to our (patient) delegators

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Finally ACP2 made it’s first block as well (

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