Introducing the ADAvault [ADV] Stake Pool


I’m one of the founders of the ADAvault [ADV] stake pool. We’ve been working hard on the stake pool since the end of July building out the infrastructure and ensuring that the operational processes are working securely and reliably. The pool has been growing steadily, and is routinely in the top 100 on We’re at a point now where we are starting to shift towards marketing so it seemed like a good point to share an intro. We’d love you to check out the pool, there’s a lot more info available on the site including the same detailed real time monitoring data we use to run the pool. Our goal is to provide a fire and forget service for our delegators, stake once and have the confidence that we will take care of the rest.

Ticker: ADV

Pledge: 1.25M Ada

Fixed Fee: 340 Ada (minimum permitted)

Variable Fee: 0.99%, permanently fair and guaranteed never to increase


Pool ID: 3116c834a09b0060aef7284f63d3275456364e3309b3c19ec328af60

Location: United Kingdom

Pool Infrastructure: ADAvault uses bare metal servers, linux hardened builds, dedicated secure racking, and low latency fibre optic connectivity. The ADV pool is built in line with the Cardano reference architecture with multiple relay nodes, a separate Block Producing Node, and cold storage for keys.

Pool Redundancy: We operate using an active-passive topology with a passive cluster of relays and BPN in warm standby (replicating but not producing blocks). We swap the active cluster for maintenance (security patching, node upgrades, and hardware changes).

Operator Experience: The ADAvault founders have worked in cyber security for many years, and bring to ADAvault deep experience designing and operating the controls that protect insurers, banks, exchanges, and payment services.

Why should users check out our pool?: ADAvault is focused at this point on delivering a highly secure, and reliable Stake Pool. We are invested in Cardano for the long term. Our fees will always be fair, as the Cardano system grows we plan to extend our services to include custodial options, in addition to Stake Pool delegation, and will continue contributing experience and knowledge back to the Cardano community.

Like the rest of the Cardano community we strongly believe that Cardano can empower people around the world who do not have open access to identity, banking, insurance and other financial services. These foundations have the potential to transform and improve the lives of billions of people during the 21st century. We are excited to be part of that journey.

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Great introduction! Best of luck to you!

Many thanks. As an aside one of the aspects that really drew me towards the Cardano community was the incredibly positive attitudes. I’ve also really appreciated how open other SPO’s were to sharing knowledge through the ITN and into Shelley. There are a lot of people here we owe thanks to, and I hope we will have a chance to repay their generosity by contributing back to the community over the coming years.