Introducing [ADASP] ADA-Stakepool - Cardano Stakepool for a better future

Hi Cardano community my name is Thomas,

I work as system manager and DevOps engineer in the aerospace and renewable energy sector since more than 20 years. I have been with Cardano from the early stage and I am very fascinated by the project. The ADA-Stakepool should create a better future for people in need in our local community. ADA-Stakepool will hopefully create a steady income which will enable me to focus fulltime on

Ticker: ADASP
Pledge: 20,000 ADA (₳) and growing
Current Stake: 20,000 ADA (₳)
Fixed Fee: 340 ADA (₳)
Margin: 1%

Contact: Contact Form

Pool ID: 0873b6f578d5e2739af833ecd2d18d5115f26b02d22720e79f8a772b
Location: USA and Europe

Pool Infrastructure

  • 1 Block Producer and 2 Relay Nodes: Intel 4 Core CPU, 8GB RAM and 160GB NVMe SSD
  • DDos Protection
  • Fail2Ban Protection for Nodes and Block Producer including Pool-Website.
  • Google Authenticator and Firewall Rules and Whitelisting.
  • Nodes located in two datacentres. One in NewYork USA, the other one in Frankfurt Germany.

Pool Redundancy

  • Instant snapshots to be deployed on 4 continents on demand.
  • 2 Relay Nodes and Block Producer at two different Data Center on different continents for decentralisation purposes.
  • Full backup facility besides the available and regularly updated snapshots
  • 24/7 Server monitoring and alerting via Grafana and Telegram

Operator Experience

  • Prior to this Cardano Stakepool, I had multiple Ethereum - and Bitcoin Miners.
  • +10 years of development experience in Python, C# and PL/SQL.
  • +20 years of IT System Management and DevOps experience in the Renewable Energy and Aerospace sector.

Why you should check our pool ADA -Stakepool?

Cost: 1% !
ADA-Stakepool waive a pool fee until it reaches 1M Cardano ADA (₳) in stake. The pool pledge and delegations in ADA (₳) are constantly growing. 99% of the rewards go to you, the delegators! ADA Stakepool supports people in need, like homeless and accident victims how are not have got justice in an unfair system. 50% of the margin fees will be donated monthly. Together we will grow Cardano and help people in need in our local community.

Thank you for your support!


Welcome Thomas :wave:

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Thank you very much mcrio.

Thank you very much 41383.

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