[ADADE] Cardano Stake Pool Germany: Introduction

Dear Community,

first of all, please excuse my English, since I am not a native speaker.

I already did the introduction to our new pool today in the German channel and now I would like to present it here to the international community.

We discovered Cardano (ADA) in 2017. From this moment on, we were fascinated of the project and the team developing it. We possess a professional technical background ourselves and participated in early ITN from time to time (jormungandr). Now we decided to support the decentralization with our own stake pool, which I would like to introduce to you.

Name: Cardano Stake Pool Germany
Ticker: ADADE
Website: https://www.adapool.de/en/
Telegram Kanal
Pool ID: 599b872f42ab78df0429d1aebfe2d0a81676e50ba23097a532912b46
Stakepool Fee: 2% (until November 1st only 0% - as promo)
Pledge: 250.000 ADA

We firmly believe that it is advantageous for decentralization to have as many different pool operators as possible and not just a few that run in total many dozen pools. Because of this we decided to only run 1 pool with our pledge instead of splitting it up on 2 or even 10 pools.

For our relays we are utilizing cloud servers from Amazon as well as from a second provider. This is ensuring the required redundancy in case one provider is experiencing issues.

The block producer itself is running on our own hardware, protected by a commercial grade firewall. The only connection to the outside world is to our relays. It’s currently running on a server equipped with Intel Xeon cpu, 4 cores, 8 GB ECC DDR4 RAM and 1 TB of disc space.

The pool will be donating a part of its net income for charity projects. We will be presenting those projects on our website (see projects). As a first (smaller) project we are considering to sponsor a child of SOS Kinderdorf. Since Cardano is aiming to provide economic identity to the billions of people that do not have one today, it makes sense for us to support children getting food, education etc. everything they need to become financially independent one day. We already asked SOS Kinderdorf for their feedback.

Our servers managed the epoch transition (213 -> 214) yesterday very smoothly. This makes us confident to open up the pool for all delegators today.

Here is a grafana screenshot of the last 24 hours:

So the pool should be fit for the task to produce blocks due to the best of our knowledge. We would very much appreciate new delegations since compared to the big pools we do have too little live stake now of course. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and support!

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Hello! Please consider registering your pool on StakingForGood.com! All pools who are donating a share of pool fees to charity are welcome!

Hi @stakingforgood,

thanks for inviting me to your website. I just registered our pool via the provided form.

The pool also has an official logo in case you have a place for it on the website:

Take care

Thanks for taking the time to register! I got your pool posted last night! I hope to have pool logos on the site soon (work in progress)!

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Dear community,

we are happy to announce the our sponsorship with SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. was confirmed today and we are able to publish some details about the sponsorship already now.

Please check out our website -> our projects for more details.

Please consider a delegation to pool ADADE, to help the pool to become profitable, and to allow us to sponsor even more projects in the future.

Take care

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Dear Community,

a brief update from our pool.

Yesterday evening the pool and many of our delegates received their first rewards. This marks an important milestone for our pool, which officially launched just 20 days ago!

Per 1000 ADA staked a reward of 2,588 ADA was distributed to all that delegated to our pool before September 2nd.

Considering that the pool already produced 1 block in its first 3 active epochs it results in a ROA of 6,5% per year.

This puts the pool ROA wise in the same ballpark as the big pools. At the same time it implies, that the pool doesn’t have to produce blocks each epoch in order to yield good rewards for our delegates. With currently only 1% fee (until Nov. 1st) our pool is competitive.

The servers are running very stable, are constantly kept up-to-date, and the block producer exhibits are performance of currently 100%:

On September 15th, the first payment of 50€ from the pool was received by SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. This highlights that the pool is not just promising to support charity projects sometime in the future - it is doing it already today.

Many thanks to all our delegates for staying with us the last 20 days!

Unfortunately, the pool’s live stake is still pretty low with a total of 666.080 ADA staked. To ensure that the pool will be generating consistent rewards for all our delegates, we would therefore very much welcome new long-term delegations. When delegating to our pool, you won’t have to worry that our pool will be over-saturated anytime soon :smiley:

Take care

adapools.org calculation of ROA for new pools is currently wrong since also epochs are considered where active stake was initially 0.

Congratulations! Your stake will steadily increase!

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Hi @stakingforgood, yes our stake indeed increased since then, but it is extremely tough to attract new delegates! We are currently slightly above 700k ADA live stake.

To push things a bit we do a promo now:
Cardano Stake Pool Germany - ADADE
(scroll to bottom of page and check “October promotion”)

This is not a scam, it is a legit bonus program for delegates that we are offering to get faster up-and running and to achieve consistent block production. It’s this chicken egg problem all small pools are facing - without enough stake you can’t even prove that you are running a solid pool. At least with 500% luck our pool made its first block.

In case even this promo shows no effect, well, at least we tried our best :slight_smile:

Take care

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Very interesting idea! I’m going to stake over 10k+ to get in on the lottery!