Introducing StakeADA Pool [KARMA]

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to debut the simply-named StakeADA Pool and our ticker KARMA - I am a long-time Internet technologist dating back to the commercialization of the Internet in 1996. I have spent the last 20 years specifically in network security and cyber defenses for organizations large and small. I have been very active in blockchain since early 2017, having run several master nodes and taken my skills to mining and the like. I first heard of Proof-of-Stake in 2017 when researching Decred and others - I was taken with the idea as a better alternative ultimately to proof-of-work and the environmental negatives inherent in it. Fast forward to today, and I have built a robust, secure architecture for my ADA stake-pool. I have been an investor in ADA since 2018, and have watched the project closely throughout - it is amazing to see the elements coming into place now, with Shelley and Goguen and the advent of a true devops capability around smart contracting, defi, including reducing friction for the unbanked or under-banked and so much more to come. I look forward to a better world brought about by this amazing project and I believe though it’s very early days still, that in the long run, over many years, we will all be rewarded for having been part of the Cardano evolution.

I am a college drop-out, a kid who has built a career from the ground-up, literally. I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with and/or learned from some of the most amazing and influential names in Internet technology and security. I am truly standing on the shoulders of giants - giant personalities and giant minds that have blessed me over a 30 year career with their patience, their wisdom and their hard work - though my success has been very modest by any true measure, I feel that I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who have worked with me, for me, alongside me and whose wisdom influences me every day. In that spirit, I will be donating 20% of all revenue from the KARMA pool to 2 charities focused on children in the 2 major US cities that have given me so much - Boston MA and Milwaukee WI.

I firmly believe that all success comes down to 3 key elements - luck, timing and skill - in no particular order. I look forward to leveraging all 3 to the advantage of those who stake with me. Thank you for your support and best of luck to all of you on your Cardano journey!

Ticker is [KARMA] / 1Million ADA pledge / 340A / 3.0% fee

  • Website:
  • Ticker: StakeADA Pool [KARMA]
  • Pool ID: d68eed68381b65beb04fc7984dfa156c4dbf53c7911e900af6a535ef
  • Pledge: 1Million ADA
  • Fee: 3% + 340 ADA - with 20% of all revenue going to charities to benefit children in need in 2 major US cities (see StakeADA Pool for details).