CRAB by tiredpixel (1% pool margin, 340 ADA pool cost, 10K pool pledge)

I present to you CRAB—a stake pool with highly-available block-producing nodes (most other stake pools don’t seem to offer this). The pool margin is just 1%, and the pool cost is 340 ADA (the minimum allowed). I’ve pledged 10K ADA to the pool (~ 1186 EUR)—so you can see I’m serious about running a high-quality setup. It’s already possible to delegate to it using the Daedalus wallet, to be a part of the adventure right from the beginning of this phase—and to hopefully earn rewards based on your Cardano cryptocurrency (which at all times remains safely in your own wallet, and spendable as desired).

You can read more about it here:

If you have any questions, let me know! :crab:


I’ve just updated my high-availability Cardano stake pool, CRAB, lowering the pool margin to 0%, and increasing the pool pledge to 50K ADA. The pool margins are a race to the bottom, and in under a month, I reluctantly feel the need to join in.