Cardano Community Pool (CCP1) is now Squid Pool (SQUID)

Hi all!
In order to comply with the Cardano Foundation trademark policy, Cardano Community Pool (CCP1) is now Squid Pool (Symbol: SQUID).

This is still the same stake pool. Pool fees are still a low 3.8% with zero fixed fees. The only difference is that the name (and symbol) that appear in Daedalus and Yoroi will now be Squid Pool (SQUID).

The website is now available at .

Squid Pool is built on Amazon infrastructure to provide superior reliability and performance at the low rate of 3.8% with zero fixed fees.

I have over 25 years experience as a software developer and system architect. I endeavor to provide a stake pool with the highest level of security, availability and trust at a low rate that covers my costs.

Work is ongoing to make Squid Pool even more resilient to network issues such as forking, unresponsive trusted peers, and node stalls.

With over 4m ADA staked we are consistently making blocks and getting rewards. Our current ROI on is more than double any of the top 20 pools and ROI Avg on is higher than any of the top 20 pools at 19.85%.

I believe in the philosophy and potential of Cardano and want to be part of helping the Cardano ecosystem grow to it’s full potential.

I hope you will consider staking to Squid Pool (SQUID) for your ADA delegation!